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Water Damage Repair Costs For Flooded Bathroom?

water damage repair costs

Most home and commercial building owners know that the cost to fix bathroom water damage can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The sooner damage is detected and effective measures are taken to stop the spread of water, drain and dry the affected area, the less you’ll have to spend when dealing with water damage repair costs.

The average water damage repair costs range from $2,500 up to $7,500. Bathroom water damage involving contaminated Category Two gray water or Category Three black water may be at the higher end of this range. Gray water can contain chemicals and microbes, but does not contain solid waste. Black water is grossly contaminated and may contain raw sewage.

Cleaning up an area affected by contaminated water may call for an initial disinfection. Next, damage restoration professionals may tear out porous building materials or dispose of contents that cannot be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried. Trained experts will use the right cleaning supplies and equipment for the category of damage present at a residence or commercial property. Timely action may mitigate primary damage and either limit the severity of secondary damage or prevent additional problems such as mold growth.

Bathroom water damage cleanup that requires mold testing or remediation will cost considerably more than a basic cleanup. The best way to avoid mold is to contact United Water Restoration as soon as possible after water damage occurs and have trained professionals extract standing water and residual moisture within hours. Mold may start to multiply within as little as 48 to 72 hours after water damage occurs.

Does Insurance Cover Bathroom Water Damage Repair?

Certain types of water damage are covered by most homeowners and commercial property insurance policies. Bathroom water damage resulting from any of the following incidents is covered under most property insurance policies:

  • Flooded toilet
  • Leaky shower pan
  • Sewage backup
  • Supply line break

In most cases, insurance does not cover the incident that causes water damage. It may be possible to obtain coverage for the cost of repairing the problem itself if the property owner provides documentation of regular plumbing inspections or preventative improvements. Otherwise, thoroughly documenting damage and filing a claim is the best way to offset most of the cost to fix bathroom water damage.

Most insurance policies exclude flood and mold damage. Owners of homes or business buildings in flood zones should get a separate flood policy or a rider or endorsement on their property policies to restore a limited amount of coverage for these perils.

Why Does Water Damage Cost So Much To Fix?

It is important to account for the specialized equipment and expertise necessary to fully restore a water-damaged home or workplace. After inspecting damage, cleanup specialists will extract standing water with a pump and may use other tools such as commercial-grade wet vacs or dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of porous materials.

Once water has been extracted, the full extent of damage must be assessed. Porous materials exposed to gray or black water should usually be removed and replaced. This applies to carpet and drywall, particularly if bathroom water damage spreads between the floors of a structure. Porous materials left intact pose a heightened risk of re-contamination and mold growth.

Finally, any area exposed to contaminated water must be disinfected and dried. In the event of a broken supply line that releases clean, Category One water, only drying should be necessary if a property owner contacts United Water Restoration immediately to be connected to the right water damage cleanup company.

How To Estimate the Cost To Fix Water Damage

It is very difficult for most property owners to make accurate calculations about water damage cleanup or water damage repair costs. It is necessary to accurately identify whether water is contaminated and the level of contamination to determine whether cleaning and disinfection or simply extraction and drying are required.

Water damage restoration professionals will inspect damage and provide an informed estimate that accounts for all of these factors as well as for any building materials that must be torn out and replaced or contents that will require cleaning or replacement. All of these considerations factor into the total cost to fix bathroom water damage.