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What is Fire Remediation?


A fire can cause ruinous damage in a matter of minutes or even seconds. After a fire has damaged your property, you will likely begin seeking fire remediation services. While these services may be necessary for your property, most owners don’t really know what fire remediation and restoration services entail. 

A fire can leave behind lingering damages that grow in the event the damages aren’t addressed in a timely manner. Fire damage should be handled by professionals before it has time to grow and cause further deterioration of affected items. United Water Restoration Group, a fire damage restoration company, would like to discuss fire remediation and how it can assist you through this challenging event. 


What is Fire Remediation?

A fire can cause problems long after it has been calmed and put out. Smoke and soot can cause foul odors as well as lingering damage that worsens over time. Fire remediation can assist in helping return your property back to its pre-loss conditions. Fire remediation services are essentially lumped into fire damage restoration and are considering a portion of the services. 


Fire remediation focuses on tackling and cleaning up the damages sustained from a fire. Fire remediation does not repair or restore items, but focuses primarily on removing the damages sustained and affected materials. 


Fire Damage Restoration or Mitigation?

Fire remediation actually is considered to be a part of fire damage restoration services. If your property has been severely damaged by fire, you will likely need fire damage restoration efforts to return to pre-loss conditions. Smaller fires that create more cleanup efforts than restoration ones would trend more toward mitigation efforts. 


Fire damage mitigation can assist in cleaning up smoke damage and soot, but restoration efforts will be necessary if extensive damages are sustained. If you need help determining this, our technicians offer free assessments and an in-depth inspection of the property. This will help us better determine how we can return your property back to its pre-loss conditions. 


Seeking Fire Remediation or Restoration?

If you need assistance with the aftermath of a fire, United Water Restoration Group can assist you. Technicians at United Water Restoration Group are certified and trained to handle any extent of fire damage restoration. We can assist you through every step of our process and determine if you need fire remediation or restoration services. 


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