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Building A Hurricane Kit

First aid kit

A hurricane kit can help you better navigate this weather event in a much more safe and efficient manner. It can make all the difference during an emergency and should be kept up to date and free of expired goods or medications. A good hurricane kit can help save the lives of those using it or help them better manage their current situation. 


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At United Water Restoration Group, we would like to go over a few elements of a hurricane safety kit. You should always maintain a hurricane kit, most items are non-perishable and some may be specific to your location. Regardless, a good hurricane kit is one of the most important preparedness steps when dealing with hurricanes. 


Why You Should Build a Hurricane Kit

A hurricane kit can help out a lot. These kits are filled with items that are designed to help one survive in the event of a catastrophe resulting from a hurricane. The items below will help you create one of the best hurricane kits, but of course there may be certain items that are more relevant to your needs. 


Portable Generator 

During a hurricane, you may see power outages that last from a few hours to potentially even weeks. A portable generator can be a great source of backup power when you need it the most. This can help keep the lights on, food good, and your phones charged. This can come in handy if your area is severely flooded with rescue being days away. 


Water Containers & Pitchers 

Water is one of the most valuable resources that our bodies require to sustain our activities. During times of a flood, flood water is dangerous and should never be considered drinking water. It can contain potentially harmful pathogens that can cause illness. Water containers or pitchers of filtered water will assist greatly during a hurricane. 


Flashlights or Lanterns

A light source can go a long way during a hurricane, especially if the power is out. While some may opt to use their phone as a flashlight, it can drain an invaluable item that is better utilized for emergency situations. 


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of the most important items you could have during times of emergency. No kit is ever really complete without one. These kits can have many different and useful things from gauze to splints. 



Batteries are important during a time of a storm, especially if your power goes out. Batteries can be used to maintain flashlights, a radio, and many other things that can assist you through this type of situation. 


Duct Mask

A duct mask can help you avoid breathing in potentially harmful materials or contaminants after a storm damages your property. 


Manual Can Opener 

A manual can opener can help open many non-perishable food cans, this item can go a long way 


Weather Radio

A weather radio can help you stay completely up to date with all current weather conditions. One of these radios can effortlessly keep you updated without wasting any other valuable resources.


Local Map

A local map can go a very long way in the event that your phone dies or has no service for directions. You should keep a map of your local area handy in case you need to find an evacuation route. 


Plastic Sheeting & Duct Tape

These items become very important if your property is damaged. It can help you better shelter in place even if damage is present. Plastic sheeting can be used as a clean surface or as a means of preventing further damage. 


Non-Perishable Food Items

One of the most important things you can do during a hurricane is to make sure you have enough water and food to last you. If the power is out, you will need a way to cook food, so it is wise to have non-perishable items on hand. 


Moist Towelettes, Plastic Ties, and Garbage Bags

These items are great for helping promote sanitization during a time like this. Personal sanitization can help prevent illnesses and infection. While you may not have power or running water at your property, you should still take steps to ensure the cleanliness of yourself and items you use. 


Pliers or Wrench

If your property is damaged during a hurricane, you will likely want to shut off certain utilities. Shutting off the power if the home is flooded can help avoid damaging electrical components. 



While you may not think of a whistle as a great tool for a hurricane survival kit, this item can greatly assist you during the most troubling times. A whistle is much stronger and louder than any yell and can come in handy when you are seeking to be rescued. 


Planning Ahead

A hurricane kit can go a long way into helping you survive comfortably while waiting for assistance or for power to return. These items can drastically help even in some of the most dire situations. Alongside a hurricane kit, you should have a plan of action of what to do during times of emergency. This can be from things such as where to go if your home floods to how you plan on dealing with damages. 

If you are dealing with damages caused by flood waters or general hurricane damage, we can assist. At United Water Restoration Group, we provide water damage restoration services and can help return your property back to a state of normalcy. Contact our service line at (800) 430-5838 for assistance, we are available 24/7 to assist!