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Crime and Trauma Cleanup Services

crime and trauma cleanup services

As a property owner, there’s a lot of things you can expect to deal with overtime. At some point, you’ll likely have water damage. You may even have to confront mold. An accidental kitchen or electrical fire is another common thing a property owner has to confront. Something that most people don’t anticipate is their property becoming a crime scene or the scene of a traumatic event. 

When emergency personnel is on the scene, there’s a common mistake that property owners make. That mistake is the far too common misconception that they will also take care of cleaning the area where the crime or trauma had taken place. The reality is that when it comes to crime scene and trauma cleanup services, you’re responsible for the cleanup.

United Water Restoration Group offers a variety of services, including crime scene and trauma cleanup services. Today we’d like to walk you through our process step by step. 

Inside Our Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup Service


  • Contacting Us

When the emergency personnel has finished their work at the scene, reach for the phone and contact us at (800) 430-5838. You’ll be put in contact with one of our certified professionals. From here we can have a team dispatched to provide crime scene and trauma cleanup services for you.

  • Scene Assessment

Upon arrival at the scene, the team will immediately get to work with assessing the scene. This will be useful to determine the best approach to handling the crime scene or trauma cleanup. Our arrival will be with your privacy in mind. We will use discretion and respect while providing crime scene and trauma cleanup services.

  • Isolation Of Scene

After the assessment, our team will isolate the scene from the rest of your property. This is done with efficiency in mind, eliminating the risk of contaminating the rest of your property beyond the affected area.

  • Initial Cleanup

Any and all biohazards are removed from the scene, including blood, bodily fluids, and any organic matter. Any damages to the area are noted for restoration, and environmental debris is also removed.

  • Sanitization Of Scene

Using high-powered disinfectants, previously cleaned areas are treated with careful thoroughness. The air is treated with fogging and air scrubbing techniques during this time as well. This will ensure total cleanliness of the area while also eliminating any lingering odors.

  • Scene Restoration

Once cleaning and sanitation have been completed, any damages that occurred on-site as a result of the crime or traumatic event will be repaired to pre-incident conditions. As part of a final step, we’ll ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed so that there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Contact Us Today

If you find yourself in need of crime and trauma cleanup services, look no further than the experts at United Water Restoration Group. Contact us today at (800) 430-5838 anytime time of day. We offer 24/7 service and can be at your property any time you need us. When the unexpected strikes, let us take some of the burdens off of your shoulders.