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After a traumatic event such as a death, suicide, or crime, you can count on us to gracefully restore your home or business to its normal state. Trauma scene cleanup services should be safely handled by professionals while you sort out emotions or take steps for arrangements and planning. Our professional technicians at United Water Restoration Group provide discreet and compassionate services that can erase all signs of a trauma-related incident. We take care of the aftermath with trauma cleaning.

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Professional Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazards are defined as hazardous biological materials or infectious elements that can pose a risk to the health of any dwelling in the structure or near the environment. Contact with any bodily fluids or blood can expose one to dangerous pathogens and may potentially cause health problems. Due to this, biohazardous materials must be cleaned in strict accordance with safety procedures and health.

Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event, such as aftermath and blood cleanup, can be stressful enough without having to worry about the cleanup process. United Water Restoration Group can help alleviate your stress and undertake the cleanup of traumatic events with compassion and care while helping maintain dignity and privacy surrounding the events.

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Process icon United Water Restoration Group's Biohazard Restoration Process

emergency contact icon

emergency contact icon
Step 1: Emergency Contact

When facing a biohazard situation, time is of the essence. By calling out emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838, you ensure swift and immediate action. We strive to be on your property in as little as an hour, ensuring that potential risks are addressed without delay.

on-site assessment icon

on-site assessment icon
Step 2: On-Site Assessment

Once our certified technician arrives, a thorough assessment is conducted. This involves:

  • Documenting the extent of the biohazard situation.
  • Identifying any immediate risks or threats.
  • Creating a cleanup plan tailored to the specific needs of the situation.
containment icon

containment icon
Step 3: Containment

Safety is our priority. Before we start the cleanup, we:

  • Isolate the affected areas to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Identify and prepare dangerous materials or elements for safe removal, adhering to all state and federal regulations.
cleanup & sanitation icon

cleanup & sanitation icon
Step 4: Cleanup & Sanitation

With the affected area securely contained, our technicians:

  • Use professional-grade disinfectants to eradicate any pathogens present.
  • Utilize specialized equipment designed to treat surfaces, ensuring that all traces of the biohazard are removed.
  • Work diligently to eliminate any lingering odors, ensuring that the space is both clean and comfortable.
restoration icon

restoration icon
Step 5: Restoration

Cleanup is only part of the journey. Restoration focuses on returning the affected areas to their original state, or even better. This step involves:

  • Repairing or replacing materials damaged during the incident or of the cleanup process.
  • Reconstructing areas if needed, ensuring they are safe and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Conducting a final assessment to ensure the entire biohazard situation has been addressed, leaving the property owner with peace of mind.

Types of Biohazard Remediation & Restoration

After any traumatic event, United Water Restoration Group is here to help. We understand that in the face of these difficult, trying times it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, but our certified and trained technicians are here to help. We focus on a wide range of aftermath biohazard removal situations, our services include the following:

Crime Scene Cleanup

After the police are finished processing a crime scene, the responsibility of cleaning up the area is typically left to the owner of the property. If any biohazardous materials are present, such as tissue or blood, for your safety, get assistance from a professional remediation and restoration team. United Water Restoration Group's trauma and crime scene cleaning services can help ease stress by providing encompassing, discrete crime scene cleaner services.

Suicide Cleanup

Losing a loved one is never easy, but dealing with the aftermath of a suicide can complicate the situation even further. United Water Restoration Group's trauma cleaners understands the need for empathy and discretion during these trying times. Our technicians can provide a thorough, encompassing clean while decontaminating the affected areas.

Blood Cleanup

Blood can carry potentially harmful health risks and dangerous pathogens. Bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses can prove to be dangerous to anyone besides trained professionals. If you are faced with the aftermath of an event that has left a large amount of blood, call United Water Restoration Group. Our team of certified technicians can provide encompassing biohazard remediation, and can be at your property in as little as an hour.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended deaths, though tragic, are not uncommon. In these cases, considerable time may pass before the discovery of the body is made. All deaths require some form of remediation or another. However, unattended death scenes can prove more troublesome as the decomposition process may cause further damage and complicate the matter further.

United Water Restoration Group's certified technicians can handle biohazard cleanup and remove any hazardous materials while eliminating any odor. Once we're done, the affected areas will have all signs of damage erased.

United Water Restoration Group's Comprehensive Biohazard Cleanup

The aftermath of any traumatic event can be difficult to navigate, our certified technicians can be there when you need our trauma cleaning services, the moment you need them. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading emergency response time. Our biohazard services are here to assist law enforcement, property owners, and families who need biohazardous materials cleaned safely and efficiently.