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Can Flooding Cause Foundation Damage?

Can Flooding Cause Structural Damage?

If you have recently experienced flooding or water damage, you may be worried about foundation damage. Flood zones are growing in America and millions are currently unknowingly in these zones. Before we get started, we implore you to visit FEMA’s flood zone map to assess your home’s flood rating. Flood and water damage can accumulate and cause massive damage in a short amount of time. Millions of homeowners face a water damage event every year as well. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that focuses on flood, fire, mold, and water damage restoration, would like to discuss the potential harm that may be caused by flooding. We want to help guide you into discovering potential foundation and water damage. A damaged foundation is a very serious concern and should be noted immediately. If a home has accrued foundation and water damage, the home may soon be deemed uninhabitable. 

Can Flooding Cause Foundation Damage?

Flooding can absolutely cause damage. Water damage can vary in and intensity and the signs of possible damage may not set in immediately. Foundation damage can look different and take time to set. However, once it has set, it can deteriorate the quality and safety of your home very quickly.

Damaged Foundation may be a challenge to spot, but it looks like the following:

Warped Wood If structures in your home, like beams and pillars, are experiencing warping, this is a very quick sign of damage to your foundation.

Wall Cracks & Fractures – If you’re unable to view the foundation of your home, new wall cracks and fractures can be the sign of damage to your foundation.

Bowed WallsBowed walls occur after extensive foundation damages is dealt to a home. If your walls are bowed or look misshapen, it is very likely a sign of damage dealt to your foundation.

Uneven Doors & WindowsWhen this form of damage begins to set, it can create a lopsided environment where doors or windows are out of place. 

If you’re having trouble determining if your home has a damaged foundation, another great way is to examine nails in your walls. As foundation damage grows, your home will potentially go lopsided or have a curve to it. Wall movement can be documented by nails, as the drywall sinks down, the nails move with them and showcase a very noticeable sign. 

What To Do About Foundation Damage

This form of damage is a very serious problem that can cause a lot of damage to your home. If left unchecked, it can quickly render a home uninhabitable and dangerous. Foundation damages means your home can quite literally collapse or become unstable at any time.

If you believe your home has foundation damages or water damage, you can contact United Water Restoration Group. Our hotline (800) 430-5838 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can place you direct contact with a certified technician in a matter of minutes. United Water Restoration Group has offices located all around the United States. To find the closest United Water Restoration Group office to you, go to our site and input your zip code into our database

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