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Fire Damage Restoration
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Water Damage Restoration
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water iconWater Damage Restoration

Water damage can strike at any moment. There are many various ways a home or business can experience this type of event. From leaking pipes to exposed and damaged roofs, water damage can find its way into a building and stay. Water damaging events can cause lasting damage that may grow if left unattended. Water damage restoration services, provided by United Water Restoration Group, can assist in bringing your home or business back to pre-loss, normal conditions. Our technicians in Ormond Beach, Florida are certified and trained to handle any water-damaging event. United Water Restoration Group technicians pride themselves on our swift response time. Upon calling our hotline and discussing your needs, a technician can be out there and assisting in as little as an hour. While administering our water damage restoration services, our technicians will remove all water, provide mold treatment, sanitize and clean affected areas, and repair and restore your property.

  • Water Mitigation
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Removal
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Structural Drying
  • Storm Damage
  • Sewage Backup

fire iconFire Damage Restoration

After any fire damage event, you will likely need fire damage restoration services to an extent. Even after less serious fire damage events smoke damage can accumulate and cause lingering damages. Fire and smoke damage can linger and cause further damage to a home or office if not taken care of in a timely fashion. For smaller events, smoke damage can create unpleasant scents and root into porous materials. Once rooted, it can cause further deterioration. After any fire damaging event, fire damage restoration can assist in bringing your property back to its pre-loss, normal state. United Water Restoration Group technicians in Ormond Beach, Florida are highly trained and certified in handling fire damage restoration services. Our team will start by assessing the situation and then being our fire damage restoration process. Our fire damage restoration process involves emergency tarping and boarding up, water extraction, cleaning up soot and smoke, sanitizing and deodorizing affected areas, and repairing and restoring affected materials and areas.

  • Soot Removal
  • Smoke Odor Removal
  • Cleaning Fire Damage
  • Fire Damage Remediation
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Fire Damaged Roofs
  • Emergency Tarping & Board Up
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Soot Cleanup

mold iconMold Damage Restoration

If you suspect your home or business is experiencing mold colonies, mold remediation services can assist. Though mold spores are present in nearly every room, mold colonies are not normal or something one has to endure. The longer mold colonies are active, the more they will grow and continue to spread in the room. United Water Restoration Group technicians in Ormond Beach, Florida are trained and certified in mold damage remediation. During our mold damage remediation process, our technicians will carefully comb through your home or business. They will seek mold colonies out in hidden areas. Once we determine the magnitude of the problem, we can begin clearing your property. As our technicians in Ormond Beach, Florida begin administering our mold remediation services they will remove mold and assist in preventing further mold growth in affected areas. Our technicians will dehumidify and dry affected rooms, remove mold colonies, sanitize affected areas, and repair or restore affected objects.

  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Antimicrobial Treatments
  • Mold & Mildew Odor Removal
  • Mold Abatement
  • Visual Mold Assessments
  • Mold Containment
  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • Dehumidification & Dryout

trauma iconTrauma Cleanup Services

The aftermath of any traumatic event can cause lingering effects on affected areas. Trauma cleanup services offer a way to erase the effects of a traumatic event. Events that leave behind blood or other organic materials, like tissue, can leave a permanent mark of the traumatic event. These types of materials can also force affected areas to be deemed unsafe and uninhabitable by government agencies. United Water Restoration Group technicians in Ormond Beach, Florida can assist in cleaning these potentially dangerous materials up while cleaning and sanitizing affected areas. While our technicians administer our trauma cleanup services they will go through the building and perform deodorizing techniques. Once our trauma cleanup services process is complete, the affected areas will be free of lingering effects and noticeable damage. We understand that traumatic events such as this are personal and private to those affected by the events. United Water Restoration Group technicians in Ormond Beach, Florida arrive in unmarked vans with concealed specialized equipment. While we perform these tasks, our technicians will be as discrete as possible while paying respect to the scene of the traumatic event.

  • Trauma Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Homicide/Suicide Cleanup
  • Blood Cleanup
  • Hoarding Scenes
  • Animal Remains or Waste
  • Industrial & Home Accidents
  • Unattended Decomposition

reconstruction iconReconstruction Services

Ormond Beach homeowners can find solace in our expert reconstruction and rebuild services, designed to restore the coastal charm and structural soundness of their properties. Our approach is tailored to the unique seaside environment, ensuring that each home not only withstands the elements but also reflects the vibrant spirit of Ormond Beach. From storm damage repair to complete home remodeling, our team is dedicated to turning each challenge into a beautifully crafted solution, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a professionally restored home in the heart of Ormond Beach.

house iconOther Restoration Services

United Water Restoration Group is comprised of an extensive network of certified and trained professionals. This extensive network allows us to be involved in every step of the restoration process. Our network allows us to undertake any size job, residential or commercial, and provide a full, encompassing restoration job. Instead of seeking a new company to undertake one step, we act as a one-stop-shop for all your restoration needs, working hand and hand with your insurance and vetted contractors. United Water Restoration Group’s network gives us access to complete reconstruction projects, fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold damage remediation, and much more.

  • Reconstruction Partnerships
  • Remodeling Partnerships
  • Vetted Contractors
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Direct Insurance Billing
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Bleach does not destroy mold colonies. It will merely remove the green/grey hues from the colonies, but it will not destroy them. It will be out of sight, yet still exist and generate inside your property.
Yes, hidden mold can be spotted using advanced tools to locate the source. If you notice signs of mold growth, such as a musky odor of recent allergy issues then contact our professional team to seek out this infestation for you.
Mold can grow anywhere there is moisture from a leaking roof or window, high humidity that condenses on cold surfaces, flooding, and even just not drying up spills that sit for a long time. There is no way to remove all mold spores from your home because they float through the air so easily. But you can control mold growth by keeping your home as dry as possible. Mold thrives on organic materials, such as wood and fabrics.
The first thing you should do is turn off your water, shutting down the source of the problem may help prevent further damages depending on your situation. If you have a leak or an appliance overflowing, shutting off your water from its source can help drastically.
The first step in the restoration process is a thorough examination of the circumstances, degree, and extent of the damage. Restoration experts should provide an estimate of how much it will cost to clean up and rebuild the area. Before attempting to clean, repair, or remove any damp building supplies or contents, take photographs and videos documenting the damage. An insurance company may be more inclined to pay a water damage claim if you can produce proof of losses and receipts or other purchase information. Then, specialists trained in the field of water damage repair recommend removing as many of the consequences of the damage as is feasible. This phase is known as mitigation since it should enhance conditions and minimize the severity of the damage. Extraction and cleanup should ideally begin within 24 hours, with rebuilding beginning as soon as onsite findings have been resolved.
Water damage can be difficult to detect at first, but signs of water problems are obvious once they develop. If you see any signs of water damage to walls or other areas in your home, it should be addressed immediately. To determine whether there are any visible signs of water destruction take note of any musty odors, warped wood floors, soggy spots on carpets, or wallpaper that's peeling away from walls. These may indicate moisture penetration behind walls and ceilings that could turn into much larger problems if left untreated.
Many insurance companies will cover the fire damage restoration process, including smoke damage cleaning and temporary re-location during the work. The restoration process is usually covered, depending on the extent of damage to your home or office.
Fire damage restoration is a complex process that involves many elements. It's difficult to predict how long a full restoration will take, but there are some broad guidelines that apply to almost every project. Talk with your local United Water Restoration Group’s fire damage experts about the projected timeline and phases of your restoration work.
Fire causes serious damage to the structural integrity of your home and makes your living conditions less than desirable. The best course of action is to hire professionals who know how to clean up the mess, repair what needs to be repaired, and restore everything else back to normal.
Yes, we provide a flexible schedule to help work around your business hours and needs.
Disinfection takes the cleaning a step further as it specifically targets disinfecting an area over simply wiping it down or doing a surface clean.
Our decontamination services seek to provide your business or home with an added layer of protection. These services take aim at pathogens, allergens, and irritants around your property.
Yes, our services can be utilized by homeowners as well to prepare for a social gathering or just to provide an extra layer of protection.
Our company provides work accident cleanups, death scene restoration, and trauma incidents varying from unattended deaths to bodily remains. Each of our technicians has the proper training and mental fortitude to deal with a situation of any type.
Our technicians follow all EPA, CDC, and OHSA guidelines while handling biohazardous materials and while administering our services.
Yes, blood is a harmful substance that may carry certain diseases or pathogens that can cause harm to those mishandling it.
Water damage can result from a storm when shingles on the roof rip off and water seeps into the attic or home. We offer FREE inspections for water damage cases and check to see if any mold has formed as a result as well.
This depends on several important factors, for instance, your property may have flooded due to winds causing damage to your roof. In this case, your insurance will still cover your damages.
The time you have to file differs from company to company, most insurance companies have a limited window of when you can claim. You should read your policy or call your insurance and ask them directly.