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5 Signs of Water Damage In The Home

signs of water damage

Signs of water damage can vary depending on the experience. It can range from slight discoloration of certain items to major structural damage that should be apparent. Water damage is something that frequently occurs every day, with over 14,000 homeowners experiencing a water damage event every day.

Though the event may be common, some homeowners may find it difficult to spot signs of water damage before it’s too late and becomes a larger problem. In terms of water, spotting these signs sooner rather than later can drastically cut down on costs and prevent further damage. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that focuses on water, flood, storm, mold, and fire damage restoration would like to discuss 5 common signs of water damage. We understand that these signs may not be as obvious to some homeowners. Water damage can vary from situation to situation. We hope that given this knowledge you are able to recognize the signs of water damage in a timely manner to fix or begin remediation services.

Sign #1: Warped Wooden Fixtures

If water damage has leaked into the home or business for some time, you will notice warped wooden fixtures if applicable to your building. Water damage has a way of removing stability and causing entire wood fixtures to warp or change over time. This sign of water damage may take some time to set in, but it is a common sign and one that is hard to miss.

Sign #2: Discoloration on Wood or Carpet

One of the most common signs of water damage is discoloration of certain items such as flooring. If you have hardwood flooring, you will likely notice black splotches if you are experiencing water damage. Carpet can be more difficult to spot if the carpet is a darker color. 

Sign #3: Musty, Old Smell

Sometimes the signs of water damage don’t come visually. If you are smelling an old, musty, damp smell in your home, this is a sign of water damage and mold. Mold growth can start fairly quickly after any water damage event.

Sign #4: Utility Bill Changes

If you are once again unable to visually notice the water damage, an increased utility bill may be an indication. Though water bills typically fluctuate, it is not common for a drastic increase. If your water bill has increased even by $30 in a month, it may be one of the telltale signs of water damage or a leak. 

Sign #5: Cracking, Bubbling, or Flaking

Sometimes the water damage can remain hidden and damage things such as ceilings after prolonged exposure. If your ceiling is cracking, bubbling up, or flaking, this is a very common sign. Once you notice this sign of damage, it is highly recommended you contact a water damage remediation company, like United Water Restoration Group. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s water damage restoration services, check out our blog detailing these services

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