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7 Questions to Ask Any Mold Remediation Company Before Hiring

mold remediation company

When you stumble upon a mold problem in your home, you likely panic. You go to your browser and type in Mold Remediation and Construction Services, thinking that surely that will provide you with a reputable service, but be careful. Before hiring any mold remediation company, there are at least seven questions you should ask and verify.

Is Your Mold Remediation Company Insured?

Never hire a mold remediation company if they do not have or show you a proof of insurance. Insurance should be one of the main determiners of a company’s legitimacy. To acquire most business insurance policies, especially when it comes to mold remediation and removal, you need to provide an insurer with proper certification and licensing, as regulated by the state. An insured company also provides a level of security for the homeowner in case of injury or damage. Therefore, insurance is two-fold; it is both a verifier and protection against fraudulent services.

Are Your Employees Trained and Certified?

Unfortunately, even when a company is insured, the business may hire employees who are not adequately trained or certified for the mold removal process. While insurance can protect you from any potential damages this may cause, it does not negate the risk. Untrained and unqualified workers may not perform tasks in a safe and controlled manner, which can lead to the spread of mold spores or the failure to remove the total infestation. In either of those circumstances, your home will still present certain health risks to you and your family. Therefore, always ask about the qualifications of employees.

Do You Provide Free Assessments?

While most disaster restoration companies do offer a free assessment, there are several that do not. You must understand the extent of the problem you have to make an informed decision. Therefore, do not allow an unscrupulous company to hold your anxiety hostage by not providing you with results or information on an assessment without payment. Contact one of the several reputable companies out there to offer a free evaluation with a detailed estimate.

Is Air Testing Part of Your Service?

While some companies do not provide air testing as part of their service, many businesses understand the importance of testing air quality in making a measured and accurate estimate. Therefore, seek out companies that perform air-testing because it provides a more accurate picture of the mold issue in your home.

What Type of Air Testing Do You Do?

When it comes to testing the air quality in your home for mold, two tests are often used: (1) Air-O-Cell testing and (2) InstaScope testing. Air-O-Cell testing involves taking a sample of the air and sending it to a third-party lab for the results. These tests take a few days, and certain unscrupulous companies can manipulate the findings. InstaScope testing is performed on-site and provides the assessors and homeowners with immediate results.

What Safety Measures Does Your Mold Remediation Company Have?

Mold removal and remediation present certain health risks to those removing the infestation, but if not performed correctly, it also presents the risk of further exposure. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss and understand the safety measures a company will take during the removal process, especially. It is standard practice to contain the affected areas by sealing all doors, windows, and vents with plastic. Also, companies will allow for a controlled amount of ventilation. Also, employees should be wearing full protective gear, including a face mask, goggles, and gloves.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Last, you want to make sure that the company you hire does provide a guarantee. It is not uncommon for mold to return or for some mold growth to be missed, as mold likes to develop in wall cavities and other crevices. Therefore, a reputable company will provide a guarantee on their work that also includes coming back for testing and any further mold removal for a given time.

Finding mold in your home can be intimidating, especially considering the potential health risks. However, with the growing number of reputable mold remediation services, like United Water Restoration Group, you can find someone to resolve your issue quickly and safely. Although, it is necessary to ask the qualifying questions above to ensure you will be satisfied with the service provided.

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