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Bathroom Flooding Restoration & Remediation Questions & Answers

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It doesn’t take much more than a bit of extra toilet paper to clog a toilet. It’s easy for an important phone call to distract you from filling up a bathroom sink or tub. Your water heater may give in to ten or twelve years of constant use and fill your basement with several inches of water.

When any of these situations happen, the most important questions to ask yourself are, “Am I prepared to take care of all aspects of the bathroom flooding restoration on my own?” and “Am I confident that I can prevent secondary damages?”

FAQs Regarding Bathroom Flooding

If you can’t answer both of these questions positively, you need to call professional water restoration technicians immediately to correct the situation. If you aren’t currently facing flooding and water damage, consider the answers to some of the most common questions about basement flooding and bathroom flooding restoration:

How Soon Can You Get to My Home or Business?

When your home or business has been flooded with water, whether it’s clean or dirty, an immediate response is the only correct solution. At United Water Restoration Group, we are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so we can respond to your emergency at any time.

What Can Professionals Do That I Can’t?

This is a great question. Many homeowners assume that they can use wet/dry vacuums, mops, rags, and fans to dry up their property. The truth is that even if property owners can get all of the water off the floor of the bathroom, there are health risks and secondary damages to consider. Professionals are prepared to deal with blackwater (that may contain human waste and other contaminants) and similar health hazards. Technicians have the training to identify potential secondary tips and specialized equipment to remove moisture from the air.

What is Blackwater, and Why Can’t I Handle It?

There are three types of water: white, gray, and black. White water comes straight from the tap and is clean enough to consume. Gray water may carry soap residue, oil from cooking, strands of hair, and human skin. Blackwater is the most dangerous type of water in the bathroom and may carry fecal matter, harmful bacteria, diseases, and chemical waste. Professionals have appropriate personal protective equipment to maintain their safety and that of everyone else in the building.

Does My Insurance Coverage Apply to Water Damages and Remediation?

The answer to this question depends on your policy specifics. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover certain types of water damage; a flood insurance policy is required for other types of damage. The best way to determine whether you have full coverage is to contact your insurance agent. However, at the United Water Restoration Group, we work cooperatively with insurance companies, accept most insurance providers, and prepare the documentation required for your claim.

How Long Does Cleanup and Recovery Work Last?

Without completing an initial assessment, we can’t give an approximate answer. Sometimes, a quick job only takes a day or two, but other jobs take much longer. During the assessment, we’ll measure the extent of the damage, determine how deeply building materials have been affected, and establish a plan of remediation. After completing the assessment, we can provide an estimate of how long the work will take.

 Should I Be Worried About Mold Growth and Damages?

Mold occurs naturally, and there may already be spores in your home. As soon as moisture is introduced, it begins supporting the growth of new colonies. There’s a narrow window of time within which you can prevent this growth. Simply drying the surfaces of walls, floors, and ceilings isn’t enough to stop mold. As a flooding restoration company, we have the training, equipment, and cleansers necessary to put a stop to new mold growth and to clean up existing mold damage.

Some Flooding Is Too Much To Handle on Your Own

Bathroom flooding cleanup and restoration is one area where it’s most important to hire professionals. With the risk of category 3 water damage and blackwater contamination, it’s dangerous to attempt these repairs and recovery efforts on your own.

When you turn this huge responsibility over to technicians from the United Water Restoration Group, you can be confident that your bathroom cleanup and recovery are complete.

Check out our video below from our “Restoration Talk” web series.

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