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Basement Dwelling Black Mold Removal Services

Basement Water Damage

Basic Dos and Don’ts of Black Mold

Black mold is often referred to as “toxic” mold. This is because it produces mycotoxins that may cause health problems, such as allergies and respiratory symptoms. However, this specific mold could exist on your property unseen and unnoticed.

As it quietly grows and establishes colonies, you may not be affected, but your property certainly will be. Professional basement & dwelling black mold removal services are available to help you keep your home or business free from risks associated with mold.

Don’t Invite Mold into Your Home

Any type of mold begins to grow just as soon as a spore lands on a suitable surface. Unfortunately for homes and other buildings, most surfaces can host a mold colony if it has organic content and a bit of moisture. For example, the inside of a wall that houses a pipe covered in condensation is the perfect environment for mold. Other good places for mold to establish include:

  • Under freshly washed carpeting
  • Near a leaky pipe inside a bathroom cabinet
  • Behind a humid washing machine and dryer set
  • Inside a cool basement where hot summer air creates condensation
  • In a humid attic during any season

Basically, mold spreads to any environment with moisture if it isn’t dealt with right away. When you recognize black mold, your first step is to contact professionals offering basement & dwelling black mold removal services. The next step is to avoid spreading mold beyond its existing space and avoid some of the most common mistakes property owners make.

Do Avoid Common Mistakes

Sometimes, homeowners notice a small area of mold, grab a soapy rag, and scrub the spot to clean it up. Unfortunately, there are now spores on the rag which may be used in other places of the home and set in the laundry room; this carries spores to all of those places. This method of cleaning up also leaves all the mold within the wall and behind the wall intact, so it can continue to thrive and spread. Watch out for other common mistakes.

  • Bleach doesn’t kill the mold; it just changes the color of the mold to a white or clear color. Eventually, the mold will visibly return.
  • Covering surfaces with mold-resistant paint traps mold below the paint, but doesn’t address growth below the surface, such as behind the drywall.
  • When people walk through mold-affected areas, spores become airborne. They may be tracked through the building on shoes or carried on sleeves of clothing. Spores can also simply float from affected areas of the building to clean rooms and surfaces.
  • Too often, homeowners address the symptoms of mold growth without addressing the root problems.

The best response is to hire professionals for basement & dwelling black mold removal services. These experts have the right training, products, and equipment for properly cleaning up both the symptoms and the root cause of growth.

Do Take Preventative Action

It is possible for homeowners to prevent, or at least reduce, the risk of mold growth. The key is addressing any excess water. If the basement is humid, run a dehumidifier. If water is spilled on the floor, clean it up right away. Repair leaky faucets, respond immediately to broken pipes, and regularly inspect attics, basements, and crawlspaces for moisture.

Your quick response to any spills or leaks is crucial for limiting moisture in your home. If you live in a humid state, ask professionals how to bring down the level of moisture in your home.

Don’t Delay

The mycotoxins carried by black mold can affect the air quality in your building, so you must schedule basement & dwelling black mold removal services right away. Professionals, including those from the Environmental Protection Agency, recommend that homeowners do not try to treat black mold on their own. Instead, contact United Water Restoration so removal specialists can inspect your property, create an accurate plan of action, and comprehensively address the problem.

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