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Cleaning Services: Disinfecting Your Home

Cleaning Services

Homes need regular deep cleaning to ensure they don’t clutter up or accumulate allergens and other particles. While the average homeowner is able to clean their home on their own, some may not be able to reach tighter and less appealing spaces. Cleaning services, like those provided by United Water Restoration Group, can help clear those areas while potentially saving you time, stress, and ultimately, money.

United Water Restoration Group would like to go over the importance of cleaning services that serve as disinfecting your home. We understand that COVID-19 has changed and shaped much of our world. Our services can help disinfect your home after a major event, such as a party. These services can also help organize and declutter your home, which are equally important. 

Why Should You Disinfect?

With how much COVID-19 has changed our world, disinfecting items is a much more common practice, one of the minds of everyone. Cleaning services can help disinfect your home after any major event. Our cleaning can ensure that your home is clean and bright, providing you with a sense of security. 

Cleaning services can assist you in creating a safer environment to live. During our cleaning  we are also able to clean areas that you may not be able to reach. Areas like hard-to-reach corners and tight spaces pose problems to most homeowners. United Water Restoration Group technicians are able to clean and disinfect these spots with little hassle.

During our cleaning, our technicians come equipped with specialized equipment that can clean these areas with ease. Asides from COVID-19, disinfecting your home can help prevent allergen and pollutants from building up in your home. Disinfectants can help remove all unnecessary germs, allergens, and pollutants that can cause irritation to people under prolonged exposure. 

Save Yourself Time & Stress

Though cleaning services can be handled by most homeowners, deep cleans pose the risk of threat and massive time consumption. Hiring a company like United Water Restoration Group for our cleaning services takes this stress and responsibility out of your hands. Our cleaning services can provide you with a better life at home at no expense to yourself. Homes are meant to be deep cleaned somewhat often.

Certain appliances, like the microwave should be deep cleaned at least once a month to prevent bacteria from growing and avoid unpleasant smells. Spots like this, tight corners, and high up areas pose a challenge to most homeowners. The conundrum is that these places need to be cleaned in order to maintain a level of cleanliness. Even if you’re able to clean the rest, these areas pose a risk for particles to spread. Most allergens and other particles need only a gentle breeze to spread. 

United Water Restoration Group technicians can help by reaching those hard-to-reach places to ensure your home’s cleanliness. Our cleaning services can also help relieve stress after a major party or social event. During 2020, social events are typically limited, but not immune from having problems such as COVID-19 spread. Our cleaning services can help disinfect and prevent any potential COVID-19 outbreak.

These cleaning services can be used before and after a party to ensure your home and your own health. 2020 has been an odd year with unprecedented events and changes occurring. It is better to be safe than sorry, so if you do throw an event, we urge you to utilize cleaning services or clean the home fully yourself after such an event. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting and cleaning services, please check out or blog detailing them! United Water Restoration Group also fully complies by all CDC guidelines when providing our cleaning services. 

How Can You Help Yourself?

Though our cleaning services are affordable and can remove a lot of stress and worry from you, we understand they aren’t for everyone. Before and after any major gathering at your home, you should disinfect and clean certain areas. Here are a few tips on properly disinfecting your home if you believe cleaning services are unnecessary:

  1. Wearing GlovesWearing protective gloves can help prevent you from catching anything while cleaning. It can also help ensure that you don’t spread your own germs while you clean, which, ultimately, can make your time wasted. 
  2. Clean Using Soap then Disinfectant Soap can help kill bacteria and germs at a rather good rate. Cleaning the surface with soap and water first will clear the areas as disinfectant ensures that all bacteria and germs are removed.
  3. Safety Goggles Safety goggles are a fairly useful item when it comes to handling chemicals and disinfectant. It can help protect your eyes in case of a splash back and protect them from potentially toxic fumes. 
  4. Ensure VentilationIf you want to do your cleaning services yourself, be sure to provide yourself with ventilation. Ventilation such as opening windows, keeping central air units on, and turning fans on high. Improper ventilation can result in potential inhalation of toxic chemicals
  5. Soft SurfacesSoft surfaces are also important to clean during a deep cleaning project. Surfaces of clothing, bed sheets, and furniture also need to receive the same cleaning treatment to ensure your safety. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning before proceeding. 
  6. Be Smart & CarefulThough more Americans have been cleaning this year, a good bit have been doing it improperly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4 in 10 people misuse cleaning products around the home. Be safe and smart when providing your own cleaning services. Do not mix chemicals, wear protective gear, and always read the instructions for the items you will be using. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides thorough deep cleaning services, has offices located all around the United States. While you may be able to clean your home, we can ensure a deep clean that entirely disinfects and cleans your home. Our cleaning services take the stress away from you and place it in the hands of professionally certified technicians.

To discover the closest United Water Restoration Group office to you, check out our website and input your zip code into our database! We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!