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Commercial Water Damage Mitigation Services

commercial water damage

Water damage is becoming an increasingly popular problem in the United States. Commercial water damage is one that can completely catch a business off guard. The water damage restoration process can be tricky to navigate. This is especially true if you have never traversed this path before.

United Water Restoration Group is a company that focuses on commercial water damage. We would like to help you better navigate this process and provide you with tips to help prevent your business from accruing water damage.

Preventing Commercial Water Damage

Though some cases of commercial water damage are out of our control, others are not. There are several ways to prevent commercial water damage from happening at your business. It all starts with research. FEMA has a fantastic tool accessible to all called the Flood Map Service Center. This tool will help you by showing if your business is in a flood zone.

While you may think you would be made aware of your business being in a flood zone, many states do not require this information. If your business is in a flood zone, then it would be best to prepare ahead of time in case of emergency. Natural disasters are an unfortunate part of life. In the United States during 2019, there were 9 floods and 49 severe thunderstorms.

Major rain storms aren’t the only kind of storms that can cause commercial water damage, either, though. Severe snow storms are also perfectly capable of wreaking havoc on businesses and residential areas. Statistically speaking, an average of 14,000 Americans experience some form of water damage every day.

If your business is located within a flood zone, now is the time to prepare. Be sure to have equipment like sandbags and protective window barriers to help protect your business. Another big part of helping prevent major commercial water damage is by knowing your business’ building. Things like disconnecting valves for water, gas, and electricity can help prevent further damage in the building. If you’re in a flood zone, maintenance is also key to preventing commercial flood damage. Be sure to frequently check for cracks around the perimeter of the building and seal them up.

Another unlikely hero to preventing floods is a flourishing, native landscape. Taking care of the soil around the building is important. The soil around your business is actually a defense mechanism. When soil is healthy and thriving it can help prevent a flood by allowing flood waters to drain much more effectively.

Our Commercial Water Damage Mitigation Process

At United Water Restoration, our process to deal with water damage can help you see your business back to normalcy. Our commercial water damage process is as follows:

Stage 1: Emergency Hotline

If you notice that your business has water damage, the first step to rectifying this issue is to contact our emergency hotline. Our emergency hotline, (800) 430-5838, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shortly after contacting our hotline, you will be directly contacted by one of our certified technicians.

This step allows us to get the commercial water damage mitigation process started. While our technician is trying to grasp an understanding of your situation, they will begin to schedule an in-person appointment around your schedule. Depending on the severity of services required in your area, this could take as little as a few hours.

Stage 2: Analysis and Assessment

Once we schedule an appointment around your needs our technician will come to your property at the scheduled time. Once our technician is there they can begin fully assessing the commercial water damage dealt with your property. At United Water Restoration Group, we always put the customer’s needs first.

When our technician is done with their analysis they will fully cover our plan of action to restore your property. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We are here to help you fully understand what needs to be done!

Stage 3: Water Removal 

After our technician has had the chance to assess your property’s damage, we can finally begin removing excess water. Our team uses industrial equipment like submersible water pumps and industrial vacuums. We will tailor a plan of action around the damage dealt to your property.

Stage 4: Drying and Dehumidifying 

After excess water is removed from the affected areas of your business, we will begin drying the rooms to prevent further damage. Our professional dehumidifiers will absorb any moisture in the air to prevent further commercial water damage.

Stage 5: Sanitization 

Once we dry the affected areas of your business we can begin sanitizing them. This process is about clearing, cleaning, and preventing the musty smell of water damage from the room. Our technicians will clean affected objects such as furniture, rugs, and personal items that may have been affected. We sanitize the room with antimicrobial treatments that prevent any microorganisms, such as fungi, from growing.

Stage 6: Full Restoration

After all the groundwork is laid before us and the commercial water damage is cleared, we begin our final stage. The restoration stage of our process aims to bring your business back to 100% normalcy. This step is where we will ensure no further damage occurs to your property.

United Water Restoration Group is a commercial water damage company with locations all around the United States. Our emergency hotline, (800) 430-5838 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

To find an office located near you, input your zip code here. If you wish to contact us to learn more about our commercial water damage process, we encourage you to reach out! We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!