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How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Cost?

Crime Scene Cleanup Cost

After any crime or traumatic event has occurred in a home or building, crime scene or trauma cleanup services may be necessary for the safety of those dwelling in the building. While officers can help investigate and gather evidence, no local or federal government agency is tasked with the cleanup of affected areas.

The responsibility of cleaning the area and making it safe is up to the owner of the building or home. Typically these tasks are carried out by third-party cleaning companies, like United Water Restoration Group

After a major criminal event, an owner may find themselves thinking “what is the crime scene cleanup cost?” Though the answer may vary from situation to situation, there is a general rule of thumb for those having to, unfortunately, deal with this situation. United Water Restoration Group would like to answer the question of crime scene cleanup cost and go over what these services provide.

The Benefits of Crime Scene Cleanup

Before diving into crime scene cleanup cost, we’d like to discuss what the services offer. There are many situations where an owner, property manager, or hotel manager may need to contact a company for crime scene cleanup services. From massive blood loss, homicide, suicide, and unattended death, crime scene cleanup services can assist. Crime scene cleanup cost can vary depending on the situation and severity of the problem. 

The benefits of crime scene cleanup are that they get rid of the underlying threats in affected areas in a discrete and respectful manner. While some may not register the dangers of dried blood, blood pathogens pose a concern for exposure to unprotected inhabitants or dwellers. Crime scenes of a more traumatic and life-loss nature may require more work to restore and remove any lingering effects. 

After any major traumatic event in a building, the affected areas will likely be deemed uninhabitable and cause crime scene cleanup services to become a necessity. The benefits of these services are that they remove all potential hazards. They also erase any lasting effects that may show signs of the event. After safely disposing of hazardous materials our technicians also take the step of deodorizing the building to eliminate lingering smells. 

Crime Scene Cleanup Cost

The crime scene cleanup cost may vary from situation to situation and depend on the severity of the problem. For instance, the extraction of decomposed organic material costs more than the extraction of blood. Organic material, such as tissue, begins decomposing and can cause irreparable damage to unprotected objects.

In the case of death, the crime scene cleanup cost may be anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. The crime scene cleanup cost can range between $500 to $25,000 depending on the severity of the issue. Utilizing crime scene cleanup services will allow affected areas to be deemed safe for re-entry. 

Again, crime scene cleanup costs can vary based on the situation and depending on the severity of the problem. While the service cost may vary, its usefulness does not. If you have recently experienced a situation and need to utilize crime scene cleanup services, United Water Restoration Group has you covered. 

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