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Do Disinfectant Foggers Really Work?

With the coronavirus changing the landscape for hundreds of millions of people, questions like “dod disinfectant foggers really work?” have grown in popularity. Though a disinfectant fogger can greatly assist in a home’s needs to be clean, it may not be the average solution. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides disinfectant services which utilizing disinfectant fogger equipment, would like to discuss this question. While the average homeowner may not have a need for a disinfectant fogger, they can assist in providing a clean and safe space.

Though the EPA has issued a statement regarding disinfectant foggers, their decision currently remains unclear on the use of these items. United Water Restoration Group would like to go over the use of disinfectant foggers and how they can help your home or business.

What Are Disinfectant Foggers?

Though you may have heard about someone using a disinfectant fogger, you may not know what it is or does. Fogging equipment is nothing new in United Water Restoration Group’s line of work. We utilize this equipment to do several other things for damaged homes.

Fogging equipment can be utilized to prevent lingering odors from water or mold damage, as well help disinfectant air. These machines are typically administered in a closed-off building with open space. It is similar to fogging machines used during Halloween events, except it is filled with chemicals that are tailored to help clean and clear the air.

These machines release what looks like fog into the air and potentially surrounding rooms. Utilizing United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services yields usage of such equipment to ensure your home or business is thoroughly clean and safe. Disinfectant foggers are an extra step and layer of cleaning to give your home or business a truly deep clean. If you’re trying to undertake this task yourself, be sure to read the label of the chemicals you plan to use.

While some chemicals can be rated safe for certain activities, such as cleaning with a rag, it does not mean they are safe to use in fogging machines. Read the product label and instructions before trying to undertake this task. Using a disinfectant fogger incorrectly can pose serious concern for one’s health. 

Do Disinfectant Foggers Really Work?

Disinfectant foggers work great as a way to add an extra layer of cleanliness to your home or business. These machines are great. However, they may not be the full solution to your problem or needs. United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services can provide your home or business with a deep, thorough clean. A disinfectant fogger can only clean so much, it can be a great final step to the process, but not the full solution.

United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services allow us to come in, clean, disinfectant, and fog out remaining concerns. This allows us to clean surfaces and safely administer the fogging equipment to add an extra layer of security. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services and disinfectant fogger utilization, we encourage you to check out our blog regarding these services

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