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Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Does Renter's Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Flood damage can vary, it can be extensive and costly or minor and easy to fix. While the average renter may not think about weathering a flood in their home, it may be a genuine concern for some. In the United States, there are an estimated 14.6 million properties that are at risk in a flood zone. Flood damage can make your home uninhabitable in a matter of seconds.

United Water Restoration Group, a company that focuses on water, mold, fire, and flood damage, would like to discuss renter’s insurance. Many renters may not be aware if their policy covers flood damage or not. 

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Renter’s insurance covers a vast variety of situations and items. Every renter’s insurance policy may also differ depending on the location and various risks associated with the area. For the most part, renter’s insurance provides coverage from theft, water backup, and other various events and natural damage. Renter’s insurance covers three areas of coverage:

Personal PropertyIf your personal property is stolen or damaged by a perilous or natural event. This coverage comes with an allotment per item category. Things such as furniture, electronics, and clothing can be covered in case of theft or in the event of a fire.

Liability CoverageLiability coverage protects you in the event where someone is hurt on your property or if something is broken or damaged. This coverage protects you in the event of an accident that damages property or a guest.

Additional Living Expenses In the event that the home you are renting is damaged and rendered uninhabitable, additional living expenses may be covered in your renter’s insurance. During such a time, your renter’s insurance can assist you in paying for additional living fees. These fees include hotel bills and can help place you in a habitable living situation. 

Certain items may not be eligible for coverage, such as jewelry or valuable collections, such as coins. You may be able to add these items to your coverage, but it will cost extra.

Flood Damage & Renter’s Insurance

Although standard renter’s insurance will cover several forms of water damage, the typical policy does not include damages done by a flood. Depending on your location, damage dealt by a flood may not be involved in a renter’s insurance policy at all. Certain companies may allow you to add flood damage to your renter’s insurance policy, though it is not typically in a policy. 

Before looking into damage protection, look to see if your rental is susceptible to flood damage. This type of damage can cause serious damage, but not everyone is in a flooding zone or at risk for water damage. To learn if your home is at risk for water damage and located in a flood zone, check out FEMA’s Flood Zone.

If you are experiencing damages from flooding and are seeking damage remediation, United Water Restoration Group is here to help. United Water Restoration Group technicians are certified and able to help clean and repair flood damage. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s water damage services, we encourage you to visit our blog discussing these services!

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