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When to Use Emergency Plumbing Services

A plumbing emergency can quickly spiral out of control and require more in-depth restoration services. These services may be required after any plumbing emergency if the problem damages too much. When it comes to a plumbing emergency, you’ll want assistance as soon as possible. 

While we at United Water Restoration Group aren’t your typical plumbing company, we do have the ability to answer emergency calls. You may be wondering what type of plumbing emergencies constitute the need for a plumber and a restoration company. We would like to go over a few plumbing emergencies, how to respond, and how we can assist you! 


Burst or Leaking Pipes


Burst pipes are most common in the winter. However, a pipe can burst or leak every day of the year. Pipes can burst or leak due to a number of reasons. Cold temperatures, unexpected pressure, a lack of maintenance, and age may all cause leaks or bursts. When a pipe is leaking severely or bursts, this type of plumbing emergency can seem dire. Especially with water rushing out and filling parts of your property. If this is the case, emergency plumbing services need to be administered as soon as possible. In the meantime, it is highly suggested that you find the main water valve and shut it off until professionals arrive.

A burst pipe can release gallons upon gallons of water at your property in under a few minutes. This can cause lasting damage to your property and change its landscape permanently. While emergency plumbing services can easily address the burst pipe, they can’t do much about the gallons of water already at your property. That’s when companies such as ours come in. Water damage restoration is common after larger instances of damage like a burst pipe. Our water restoration services can help remove any standing or lingering water. Standing water poses the threat of further deterioration to the materials as well as a potential mold outbreak.


Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump plays a very crucial role in areas where they are common. A sump pump is a property’s last stand at preventing flooding or water damage at your property. Sump pumps are responsible for pumping out water that has made its way to the crawl space or basement of your home or business. If your sump pump isn’t working properly, your property is at risk of water damage. 

There are a few signs of sump pump failure that can help you recognize the problem before it becomes standing water in a flooded basement. Wet spots along drywall are a warning sign as well as the pump always running, having an irregular cycle, it runs all the time, vibrates excessively, has visible rust, or is seven years or older. Sump pumps have an expected life of 5-7 years. However, they can have malfunctions or go bad much quicker. A faulty sump pump is another instance that may require emergency plumbing services. If your sump pump needs to be replaced or fixed, emergency plumbing services may help solve your problem. When it comes to the lingering water, a water damage restoration company will have to be the ones to address and restore the affected areas. 


Overflowing Toilet 


An overflowing toilet is one of the most common events that require emergency plumbing services. Toilets can overflow for a number of reasons, from clogs that accumulate over time to a damaged float mechanism. Regardless of the cause of it, you’ll need services as soon as possible and to avoid the area. An overflowing toilet can bring in more worries than simple water damage. It can bring in contaminated water that is unsafe to be around. Overflowing toilets typically create grey water damage. Grey water damage is one of the three categories of water damage, usually stemming for appliance or toilet overflows. This type of water has potentially harmful materials that can cause foul odors and pose significant health risks to those around it. 

Toilets typically overflow with grey or black water damage and are considered hazardous due to the materials flushed down them. If your toilet is overflowing, you should seek emergency plumbing services immediately to assist. It is highly recommended this type of damage be handled strictly by professionals due to the inherent risk and bacteria. This is another instance where emergency plumbing services and water damage restoration go hand and hand together. A plumber can solve the issue while a water damage restoration company can return the area back to its pre-loss conditions. 


Clogged Sewer Line

A blockage in your property’s main sewage line can result in a disastrous and disgusting situation. Clogged sewer lines can push sewage through all the open pipes at your property, causing sewage to back up from showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and drains. This type of water damage is classified as black water damage, and it is the most harmful of all. Black water damage should be avoided at all costs and should always be handled by professionals.

Flushing certain items like wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products can cause a sewage backup like this. However, tree roots can also sneakily grow around or through them causing cracks and clogs. Drain clogs and water gurgling sounds are signs of an impending sewer backup. If you notice any of these signs, you should seek emergency plumbing services in your area immediately. This type of water damage is dangerous and filled with rancid materials and bacteria. Unprotected contact can result in sickness or worse. 


Leaking Water Heater


Water heaters have a typical life expectancy of about 8 to 12 years. Once they begin to deteriorate, they can spring leaks that may result in a flooded portion of your property. A leaking water heater can happen at any time, but usually after 12 years, any water heater is ready to be replaced. 

A water heater leak can cause serious damage, especially if left unchecked. When was the last time you checked on your water heater to ensure it wasn’t leaking or didn’t have rust? It’s likely been awhile. If a leak goes undetected for some time, it can cause mold growth and damage to affected materials. In events like this, emergency plumbing services are needed to repair or replace the water heater while a water damage restoration company fixes or replaces affected items. 


What To Do After Emergency Plumbing Services

After emergency plumbing services are rendered, you likely will need some form of water damage restoration. While a plumber can fix the root of the problem, whether it is a burst pipe or a sewage backup, they can’t correct the damage. When it comes to that, restoration companies like United Water Restoration Group are here to assist. We are available 24/7 for all your restoration needs. 

United Water Restoration Group works hand and hand with plumbers rendering emergency plumbing services. Our company partners with plumbers and plumbing companies to help save their customers time and money. These partnerships allow us to speak directly with plumbers, we can be at your property in under an hour, ready to assist. 

We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!