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Facing Water Damage? Maximize the Chances of Approval on Your Claim

water damage remediation and water damage claim

Just woke up in the morning and saw that your water heater is not working properly? How about you a pipe running under your sink gets a bit leaky and start dripping water? What if the was located somewhere on the roof damaging your personal possessions? We have all been there so we can relate.

Once you have done something about the dripping water or a malfunctioning water heater, your next step will be to reach out to your homeowner and ask him to file an insurance claim. These claims can help your owner to restore any damage caused by the leaking water or malfunctioning machine.

However, when claiming for water damage, you need to make sure that your claim doesn’t get denied. Here are some great tips to help you maximize your chances of approval on the water damage claim!

Do a Thorough Policy Re-Check

Don’t want your water damage claim to get denied? Go through the entire policy and find out the exceptions. If you have done your policy homework well, you will be strong on the details and will have a deeper insight into their language. When you will speak their language, it becomes easier for them to understand. Your claim becomes strong and the chances of its failure become dull.

Reporting a Water Damage Claim? Do it Right Away

The longer you take to make a claim, the more dangerous it gets to mitigate the problem. After all, your end goal is to get better compensation which will cover all your damages. The longer you take to issue a claim, the longer it takes the responsible companies to fix the damage. If you want to receive good compensation for all reported claims, you need to guess the right way to do it.

Pictures Can Tell a Different Story

Words can’t create as much of a solid impact as pictures could. Why not take your insurance claim up a notch? Pictures can become sufficient evidence to help you make a decision that goes in your favor. Whether you want to move or fix something, make sure that you take a good number of images. The more documentation you have, the stronger becomes your water damage restoration claim.

Never Use the Term “Flood” in Your Claim

Knowing your policy can help you communicate with the insurance people in their language. But, while you’re there, make sure to avoid words that can create a sense of disbelief in them. For instance, the word “Flood” can create some serious insurance claim problems for your business. Ground flooding is not the same thing as a burst water pipe, so it’s better not to use them in the same context.

Instead, use terms like “water damage” or “water flow”

Do Not File an Incomplete Insurance Claim

Do you know the single strong reason why water damage claims get denied? It is simply when you do not provide enough information or present data that is incomplete. We emphasize this point for everyone because insurance claims that are incomplete are the first ones to get rejected. Reread the whole thing over and over again if you had to, but make sure that you mention everything in the report.

Avoid Damage Claim with Maximum Maintenance

The best way to stay safe is to avoid getting yourself in conflicts beforehand. Unless you are living in a flooded area, you can take precautionary measures to avoid getting into water damage insurance. Try maintaining your home appliances such as hot water heaters, heating equipment, A/C drain lines, showers, tubs and sinks, and other related appliances that incorporate water usage.

If your home has suffered water damage and you are in need of a professional restoration company that can provide relief to your situation, call United Water Restoration Group today for more information!

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