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Promoting Fire Prevention Tactics in the Home

fire safety

Fire prevention tactics are important and the most uncommon safety precaution taken amongst homeowners. What most people don’t know is that you have approximately two minutes to escape a house fire before it gets out of control.

During a fire, early warnings from a smoke detector and fire escape plan can save you and your family’s lives. If a fire safety plan is followed annually and executed you can surpass the grace period and save your family a lot of money and anxiety. 

United Water Restoration Group would like to promote different ways to practice fire prevention in your home. We understand that accidents can happen and unexpected events are hard to prepare for. Fire security is important and virtue to protect you and your family. We would like to provide you with a few tips that if followed properly, can save you and your family. 

Tip #1: Install/Test Fire Alarms 

Smoke alarms are the saving grace in regards to fire safety. It’s important to install fire alarms in all sleeping areas throughout your home, that includes your outside sleeping areas if you have them. If you know there’s an area in your home without a sounding smoke alarm be sure to make the call and add one. That means changing the batteries too!

Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever and malfunctions in systems do happen. You must do a test to see if your alarm does make a sound in the case of smoke or fire throughout your home. If they’re not working be sure to replace the batteries or get someone out to take a look at the system to maintain fire prevention in your home.

Tip #2: Keep a Fire Extinguisher 

Fire extinguishers should be household essentials and are mandatory in some places of residence. To maintain fire prevention it’s important to get one if you don’t have one and get it tested annually just in case you have to use it in a mini kitchen or grill fires.

Tip #3: Create a Fire Escape Plan

Fires are unexpected and no one truly knows when they might become a victim to one. That is why it’s important to talk over with your family an effective plan in what to do in case of a fire. Talk over fire security and escape plan routes throughout your home and practice them at least twice a year.

Tip #4: Get out, Stay out and Call for Help 

If your house catches fire it’s important that you Get out, Stay out and Call First Responders as soon as possible. Fires are dangerous killers and if not trained properly can do their damage. Don’t try to be superman if you can get out of a fire get out and go call for help. It’s important to not only save you and your family but the families surrounding you as well. 

Fire Safety is very serious for millions of Americans and First Responders. United Water Restoration Group, a company that focuses on fire, water, mold, and flood damage restoration, can assist you to keep a safe home.

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