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Hiring Professional Fire and Water Restoration Companies

Fire and Water Damage

Fire damage restoration is a crucial part of helping your home or business operate in a state of normalcy. Fire and water restoration may be a tricky task for the average home or business owner to navigate. However, it is one that millions of Americans will find themselves navigating every year. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in 2018 alone, fires caused over $25 billion worth of damage.

Water damage is also a fairly common problem in the United States. Though fire causes more in damages, water damage still accounts for over $13 billion in damage and removal costs. Fire and water restoration will help ensure your home or business is back to normal. Hiring the right company is important.

United Water Restoration Group would like to provide you with a few tips on hiring the right fire and water restoration company. These tips can help you navigate this task with a better understanding of what you should look for from a company. We would also like to provide you with a better understanding of fire and water restoration. These services, while they can help, may take time.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration all depends on the type of fire your home has experienced. Fire damage restoration can sometimes come in the form of smoke damage restoration. Even if a fire doesn’t damage your home or business, it can cause lingering smoke damage. Fire damage restoration from a company like United Water Restoration Group means your home or business will return to normal, pre-loss conditions before no time.

Our technicians are certified to do minor and major renovations. From replacing simple drywall and carpet to fixing the structural integrity of your building. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s fire damage restoration process in-depth, check out our blog regarding the matter!

When Should You Discuss Fire Damage Restoration?

If your home or business has suffered from a recent fire event, the time to contact a fire remediation company, like United Water Restoration Group, may be sooner rather than later. Though some fire events are more minor than others, smoke damage poses unique threats to one’s home or business.

After any fire event there is some form of smoke damage. Smoke damage is unique in that it can be invisible and still cause issues. If smoke is able to seep into cracks and porous materials, it will linger and potentially cause more damage and deterioration to the objects. 

Smoke and fire damage cause lingering effects that can take time to notice. A common problem after a fire is also a lingering odor. If smoke was able to go into cracks of materials, it is unlikely the smell will leave any time soon. If your home or business has experienced anything mild to major, it may be time to seek fire damage restoration. 

Fire and Water Restoration

The last thing you think about when dealing with fire damage restoration is water damage. Water and fire are opposites, so it is a natural thought for many. However, if your home or business has experienced a traumatic fire event, water is likely to seep into the mix. Fire damage has a keen ability for being destructive. Heat rises and can potentially cause damage to ceilings, roofs, and windows. Damage to these parts of your home or business may leave them open to the elements. This gives rain ample opportunity to seep through the cracks and cause further damage.

If your home or business experienced a more major event and the fire department was called, water problems are likely to ensue as well. Though the fire department is perfectly capable of putting out fires, they typically use hoses to accomplish this goal. They are able to put out fires, but usually can’t clean up the mess left behind. Depending on the severity of the fire, the fire department can use hundreds of gallons of water putting it out. This water will remain in your home or business until it dries, ruining the materials it soaked, or until clean up. Fire and water restoration are tied very closely together due to this fact. 

Tip #1: Hire Local

For our first tip on seeking a fire and water restoration company, we recommend searching locally. Shopping with a local fire damage restoration company gives you and them the luxury of convenience. For them, less time will be required for picking up materials and travel. For you, this saved time means your home or business will have a faster renovation time. 

Tip #2: Always Hire Certified Companies with Insurance

Though it may be easy to find a local handyman in your area, these men may pose an issue for you and your property. Most local handymen do not come with insurance. This means that if an accident were to occur, damaging your property further, the cost may be your burden to bear. Shopping for a fire damage restoration company should have you also looking at their certifications. This is to further ensure their practices are up-to-date and the most current training offered. This again can assist you from facing any additional problems.

Tip #3: One-Stop Shop

Some fire and water restoration companies come in and can only do certain parts of the job. Some may be able to remove water or smoke damage, but then refer you to a different company for renovations. While seeking fire damage restoration, finding a company who can handle every aspect is important. This prevents you from dealing with the headache and stress of finding multiple companies and footing several bills. If you have insurance, it’ll also make that a bit easier as you only need to go through them once. 

United Water Restoration Group is a company that focuses on fire, water, mold, and flood damage. We have offices located all around the United States and are able to help with all facets of your home or business’ renovation. To find the closest United Water Restoration Group office near you, simply go to our website and input your zip code into our database. If your home or business has experienced a recent fire event, we encourage you to reach out to our hotline at (800) 430-5838. Our hotline is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and can help benign your fire damage restoration process!

We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!