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How Can You Disinfect Surfaces?

disinfecting surfaces

The coronavirus has changed the lives of nearly everyone on the planet in one form or another. To protect ourselves we must take different measures that may be unfamiliar. Though many clean their home and thoroughly clean surfaces, most do not know how to disinfect surfaces properly. Despite many thinking standard soap is fine, it doesn’t fully get the job done.

The CDC has set up extensive guidelines to help keep ourselves and those we love safe. These guidelines involve EPA-approved disinfectants that can help disinfect surfaces and protect your home. The coronavirus has changed the landscape of most adventures, disinfecting your home’s surfaces properly can greatly help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in your home. 

The Right Disinfectant

While you may not think there are different classifications of disinfectants, there are, and these classifications are strictly based on what helps kill specific viruses. For the coronavirus, you need a list N disinfectants. When looking for items to help disinfect surfaces, be sure you grab the right kind of disinfectant. List N disinfectants can be spotted by seeking out the label and finding the disinfectant class.

As of now, the list N disinfectants are the only items that are guaranteed to kill the coronavirus. List N disinfectants should be the only thing you use to disinfect surfaces. Though these items may not all be approved by the EPA, they are capable of killing coronavirus.

Disinfecting Surfaces

While trying to disinfect surfaces, it is keen to note safety precautions and label warnings. Certain types of disinfectants are more potent than others or potentially more harmful. If a disinfectant tells you to open a window or says you require ventilation while using, it is best to follow these guidelines. Before you start to disinfect surfaces, be sure to read the label and warnings. To disinfect surfaces, it is highly recommended that you have gloves, potentially goggles or eye protection, and always follow instructions. 

Disinfectant Services

Though you may be able to disinfect surfaces in your home, you may not be able to clean everything. United Water Restoration Group provides disinfecting services that leave your home clean and you protected against viruses.

Our disinfecting services disinfect surfaces and all high-touch items, like doorknobs, furniture, and countertops. United Water Restoration Group technicians follow all CDC guidelines and use list N disinfectants when we disinfect surfaces and the bulk of your home. 

Our disinfecting services can be utilized before or after social events or gatherings at your home. These services can help provide a safe and thorough cleaning of your home. United Water Restoration Group technicians will provide a thorough clean to disinfect surfaces and remove the threat of spreading viruses from your home. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services, we encourage you to read our blog describing the services.

If you would like to utilize United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services, you can go to our website, find the closest office to you, and contact one of our technicians. We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!