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Professional Flood Cleanup Services

flood cleanup

Storm and flood damage can cause havoc upon one’s home or business. The time to act on this is immediately, as the longer the conditions persist, the more likely further damage is to be caused. After a home or business floods it can be hard to picture anything ever going back to normal. However, United Water Restoration flood cleanup services turn the thought of going back to pre-flooding conditions a reality for your home or business.

Flood cleanup isn’t a simple task and should be left to professionals with the proper equipment. A flood can cause structural damage as well as other hazards, so it may prove too difficult and hazardous to move forward alone. United Water Restoration would like to go over our flood cleanup strategy to give you a better understanding on what to expect the process to look like.

The Destructive Nature of Flood Damage

It’s obvious that flood damage is a real concern for home and business owners. Millions of Americans are in flood zones. If you are unsure if your home or business is in a flood zone there are resources that can help. FEMA has a map that can show the flood risk for your area. Flood damage can cause many issues with the following:

Drywall and Wallboards

Wood and drywall absorb water. Unfortunately, this can be to a degree where even drying them out may still leave damage.


Insulation is another object that acts almost like a sponge when it comes to water and flood damage. Some insulation material, like foam sheets, can be dried out, cleaned, and placed back in. However, most other types of insulation will likely need to be replaced entirely as water damage may ruin them entirely.

Electrical and Appliances

Exposed electrical systems are at a high risk of being damaged beyond repair. Everyone knows that electric components do not combine well with water. Most electrical components will likely need to be replaced during flood cleanup. Appliances are also at risk as most run with electrical components built into them.

Laminated Wood and Particle Boards

Though some think laminated wood may find its way out of flood damage, that may not be true. Particle boards and laminated wood will very likely have to be replaced entirely. As water damage can force separation and weaken the integrity of the material, even after dried out.


Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpeting, it is very likely that flood damage will cause irreparable damage. Carpets are especially susceptible to flood damage as once the water is absorbed it is tough to fully get out.


Furniture is at risk when it comes to flood damage. Most furnishings are made up of materials that easily absorb water. Luckily, though, most furniture items can be saved or fixed during the drying out process of flood cleanup.

Not everything is set in stone after a flood occurs. The faster you act the more likely it is that you will save your items from permanent harm.

When Should You Get Help?

While some home or business owners may think waiting for more serious damage is a logical move, it can end up causing more harm. Even the smallest of leaks can cause damage or further damage to the affected area. The moment to act is immediately! If you believe your home or business is accumulating flood damage, you should contact our emergency hotline.

Our hotline is open 24/7 for your convenience. It will connect you directly with one of our professional, certified technicians who can assist you over the phone. Our time frame of having technicians come to your home or business depends on your area. If flooding is widespread, it may take us longer to get to you.

Once our technician is on site they will be better able to assess damage and potentially prevent further flood damage. Flood cleanup can be a lengthy process so it is best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. It also poses a unique threat that can occur even if you are able to drain the affected area yourself.

Water can seep through your carpet, through the floor, and into the foundation of the home. This can cause the structural integrity to be at risk. Mold is also another very real concern for those enduring water damage.

United Water Restoration’s Flood Cleanup Process

United Water Restoration is always a phone call away with our emergency, 24-hour hotline. Though our technicians may not be able to repair the problem over the phone, we can start the flood cleanup process and ideally have a professional, certified technician at your home or business within a few hours. United Water Restoration’s flood cleanup process can be simplified as the following:

Step 1: Emergency Contact

As we’ve stated, our emergency hotline is open 24-hours every day of the week. This is the first step of the process and will allow our technicians to gain an understanding of your problem over the phone before we come out to your home or business.

Step 2: Inspection and Assessment

Depending on when one of our technicians is available to come out, they will inspect and fully assess the damages done to the property. At United Water Restoration, we pride ourselves in our customer service, which is why our technician will fully explain every step of what needs to be done to help your home or business go back to normalcy.

Step 3: Water Removal

After we inspect the home or business and layout our plan of action for you, we begin draining the affected areas of water. Using industrial equipment such as submersible water pumps, we are able to clear the water in a fairly quick amount of time. This step will allow us to move further down the flood cleanup process and ideally show us the damage that allowed water into your home or business in the first place.

Step 4: Dehumidifying and Drying

Once we are able to remove the bulk of the water we will start with one of the most important steps in our flood cleanup process. While the water may be gone, the threat is still present. Even with the presence of water being removed, mold is still a risk factor. It can take as little as 24 hours to grow and only needs moisture, organic material, and oxygen. Our dehumidifying and drying process will begin to stop mold in its tracks.

Step 5: Sanitizing the Room

After we dry the room the presence of mold and unwanted odors may still be around. During this step our technicians seek to erase the smell and risk of mold by using antimicrobial treatments that prevent any microorganisms, such as fungi, from growing in the affected room. Our technicians also utilize air scrubbers fogging equipment to help eliminate the smell of stagnant water from the room.

Step 6: Restoration

After the home or business is cleaned we can begin the process of fully restoring it to where it was before the flood damage accrued. Though this step is the final step of the flood cleanup, it is also one of the most crucial steps to helping you and your property return to a sense of normalcy.

If you are seeing any sign of flood damage in your home or business, we implore you to contact our emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838, even minor damage can cause issues and the flood cleanup process should be started immediately. United Water Restoration has offices located all around the United States, to find out if we have an office located near you, please use our database and input your zip code to discover local offices.

We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!