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Professional Services Required for Water Damaged Roofs

damaged roof

Water damages are one of the most common types of damage property owners face, and because of this, many owners know what to watch out for and have plans of action in case of flooding or broken pipes. When moisture and damage combine on the roof, however, it can be much harder to recognize the problem before it becomes very hard to deal with. There are some visible signs to warn you of a damaged roof:

  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Discoloration on the ceiling
  • Signs of mold on the ceiling and/or around the edges of the room

If you notice any of these symptoms of trouble, contact water damage restoration and roofing repair professionals as soon as possible. Quick action is the best way to minimize primary damages and prevent secondary damages.

Avoid Injury by Calling Professionals

One of the main reasons to turn this cleanup and repair job over to professionals is the potential for harm. Climbing on the roof at any time poses the risk of falls or slips, but when water is present, the surface of the damaged roof becomes even more slippery. If water has been there for very long, it’s possible that roofing materials have become weakened. This could also lead to injuries. When professionals arrive to assess damages, some of their first steps will involve safety protocols.

Gain Access to Modern Equipment and Techniques

Another reason to hire professionals to handle water damage on your property is their access to cutting-edge, specialized equipment, and processes. Many of today’s building materials absorb water differently than materials used in building several years ago.

If your property is an older building, there’s a very good chance that much of the drywall, insulation, and carpeting will be replaced. If your property is newer, however, there’s a good chance that chemicals could seep from furniture, contaminating the water. Professionals have the training and equipment necessary to identify and tackle each of these problems.

Address the Damage Within 48 Hours

Did you know that there’s a window of 48 hours that’s crucial in the water damage recovery process? If water is allowed to sit for any longer than two days, the chance of mold growth increases dramatically. It’s almost certain that the extent of damage will be much larger and costlier.

This is why it’s so important to take action as soon as you recognize damp spots or damaged surfaces. Water damage restoration and roofing repair professionals have the heavy-duty equipment necessary to quickly and thoroughly dry out affected areas and furnishings on your property.

Get the Full Array of Services and Complete Remediation

As a property owner, you are naturally concerned about the costs of cleanup and repairs. It may seem as if climbing to the damaged roof and completing repairs on your own is the best option. However, water damage poses problems beyond those you can see. For example, you may see a discolored spot on the ceiling.

The easiest solution may seem to be simply painting over the stain. Of course, this doesn’t address the underlying problem at all. Another course of action may be removing the stained spot and replacing it with clean drywall. However, this further step doesn’t deal with the source of the water. It doesn’t tackle moisture in the air. Finally, it doesn’t address the possibility of mold growth.

Professionals do more than deal with the visible signs of trouble; they find the source of trouble (such as damage to the roof, leaking HVAC units, frozen downspouts, or ice dams.) Once the source of water has been identified, restoration and repair technicians correct the trouble and complete remediation work to return your property to its pre-damage condition. Technicians also check for symptoms of mold and other secondary damages

Prevent or Get Rid of Mold, Whether You’ve Seen It or Not

If mold is present, a professional response becomes even more valuable. Isolating the mold-affected area is crucial to limiting the spread of spores. Treating affected areas with the right chemical cleansers is also vital. Scouring mold-contaminated surfaces with chlorine bleach simply isn’t enough to make sure mold doesn’t continue to spread in unseen areas of the property. The equipment and supplies used by professionals can prevent spores from traveling to other parts of the property and will leave your building materials free from mold damages.

Give Your Roof the Care It Needs

During seasons of heavy moisture, extreme temperatures, and a lot of rain or snow, it’s often the roofs that are the hardest hit. It’s not uncommon for leaks and other damages to take place. When your property is affected, contact water damage restoration and roofing repair professionals, such as the United Water Restoration Group, for a quick and appropriate response.

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