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Recognizing a Fire Hazard

Recognizing a Fire Hazard

Recognizing a fire hazard can save your home or business from a damaging fire event. Fires are a common event in the United States. In 2019 there were over 480,000 structure fires that caused some severity of the damage. Recognizing a fire hazard can assist you in creating a safe environment for those who depend on your home or business. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that focuses on mold, water, and fire damage restoration, would like to help provide tips for recognizing a fire hazard. Every building has the potential to experience a fire damaging event, and prevention methods can assist in reducing the likelihood of a fire at a home or business. 

Crowded Electrical Outlets

Crowded electrical outlets are a common cause of fires in homes and businesses. While they may not cause a problem at first, as they are used and wear down, they can become a hazard.

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty or aged wires that are left unchecked. An outdated or old appliance can also cause an electrical fire if not unkempt properly. Be sure that your outlets aren’t crowded and have up-to-date wiring.

Cluttered Home

Recognizing a fire hazard can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or why. A cluttered home can prove to be a fire hazard depending on the severity of the clutter. Things like dust can also prove to be quite flammable. A clean home is typically a safe home.

Clutter can cause many issues in the way you move around a room and items made of organic matter, such as furniture, newspapers, or any item capable of being set on fire. A cluttered home gives fire plenty of room to spread and plenty of materials to grab onto and catch on fire.

Recognizing a fire hazard can be as simple as checking for cleanliness. Be sure to inspect appliances as well to ensure they are cleaned and free of any potentially flammable debris. Cleaning out a dryer’s lint trap can prevent a fire. 

Open Flames

Recognizing a fire hazard can be as simple as using common sense. Open flame sources, such as candles, prove to be a major risk for fire. If a candle is left burning for some time, eventually the wax may build and could lead to a fire breaking out. Stove burners with an open flame can result in a fire. According to the American Red Cross, the kitchen is the most common area for a fire to start. 

Exposed cooking oils, flammable liquids, and other items in a kitchen place it at risk. If you have an open fire stove, there’s more potential for disaster. Recognizing a fire hazard can be all about assessing the situation with your own eyes. 

If your home has recently dealt with a fire damaging event, United Water Restoration Group can assist by contacting us at (800) 430-5838. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in handling all steps of our fire damage restoration process. We can assist in a variety of events, from small damage to major renovations, we have you covered.

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