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Sanitization vs. Disinfection

Disinfection vs Sanitation

The coronavirus has brought many new topics into discussion. In a world where we must keep each other safe to protect the future, these discussions are important. Many people have asked about the differences between sanitization and disinfection. While cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection sound like the same process, they are different in the lengths taken. 

Having a safe and clean space is more important than ever. United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides disinfecting services, would like to discuss the key differences between cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection. Though they sound similar, they are very different and knowing the difference can make your home cleaner and protect you. 

What is Cleaning?

Cleaning is the first step of true disinfection. Cleaning is defined as removing first, dust, or debris by scrubbing and washing a surface. This is the first step to fully disinfecting your home. Cleaning provides your home with a basic clean that removes dirty objects and helps organize a home. This should always be the first part of any disinfection process as it allows for chemicals to properly spread and not harm cluttered materials.

What is Sanitization?

Sanitization can be classified as reducing the amount of bacteria on any given surface. Typical sanitization products look like wipes or sprays. Though these items can provide your home or business with a clean surface or area, they don’t do much to kill all viruses or bacteria. Sanitization equipment is typically tailored towards a specific type of bacteria and can assist in removing that strain while neglecting dormant viruses and other bacteria. This bacteria can typically be identified on the label of the product.

Sanitization items can also be used to help reduce bacteria on clothing as well. While sanitization is a key part of any cleansing project, providing your home or business with a thorough clean is a necessary step outside of sanitization’s wheelhouse. Sanitization is more like a basic cleaning of an item and can not help disinfect items properly.

What is Disinfection? 

Though sanitization is a very useful step in the process, the overall process is about disinfection. Disinfection takes cleaning a step further than sanitization and allows for the destruction or inactivates bacteria and viruses. Not all disinfectants are created equally, either. If you want to use disinfectant to kill the coronavirus, you must seek list N classified disinfectants

When properly done, a home should be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected to ensure its cleanliness and your safety. While one step of the process can make your home feel and look safe, it won’t be enough to destroy dormant viruses. United Water Restoration Group’s disinfection services can be utilized to give your home a deep and thorough clean that helps disinfect and remove potential threats. You can learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s disinfection process by reading our blog about this service. United Water Restoration Group has offices located all around the United States.

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