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Frequently Asked Sewage Backup Questions

Frequently Asked Sewage Backup Questions

A sewage backup is a very serious event that can render a home or business uninhabitable. This form of water damage is classified as the most severe as it is toxic and can cause severe health risks. The Centers for Disease Control states that raw sewage can introduce a person to many severe bacteria, such as Giardia, Legionella (Legionnaires Disease), and many others that can cause severe health risks. 

If you are experiencing a sewage backup in your home or business, you should call a professional service company like United Water Restoration Group. This form of water damage should only be handled by professionals as the health risks are too severe to handle. 

What Category of Water Damage is Sewage Backup?

A sewage backup is considered category 3 water damage, making it the most dangerous and harmful form of water damage. 

Though some do not know this, there are actually three different categories of water damage, with category 3 being the worst.

What Is The First Sign of Sewage Backup?

One of the first signs of backup typically does not come from a visual standpoint. The usual first sign of sewage backup comes from the smell. If you are smelling foul scents in a building, it is a telltale sign of backup. 

What Does Sewage Backup Look Like?

A backup can look very different depending on the situation. It mostly comes out in the form of murky, dirty water that has a very pungent and strong stench. This form of water is filled with contaminants and should be avoided at all costs as even breathing in the stench can cause severe health concerns. 

Where Do Sewage Backups Commonly Occur?

A backup is much more likely to take place in a room such as a bathroom, kitchen, or basement. These rooms have sewer lines that they run to and are susceptible as they have only one means of getting rid of waste, the sewer line that is either damaged or blocked. 

Why Do Sewage Backups Occur?

A sewage backup can occur for multiple reasons, some of which are entirely out of your control. Here are the most common causes of backup:

Sanitary Main BlockedWhen a block happens at a city’s main sanitary line and is not addressed quickly, it can cause a backup for businesses and homes in the immediate area of the blockage. 

Aging Sewer System In the United States, there are an estimated 500,000+ miles of sewer systems. This system grows older every year with the average age being around 30 years old. 

Tree RootsIf your yard has a large tree, there is potential that the root system may break through the sewage pipes in your yard. This type of damage happens slowly, but it can cause disastrous damage as soon as the roots fully block the line. 

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

If you are experiencing any form of sewage backup damage, it is highly recommended that you contact certified professionals, like United Water Restoration Group. We can assist in determining the problem as well as restoring or replacing any damaged items.

Our sewage backup cleanup services can help return your home or business back to its normal, pre-loss condition. Our hotline at (800) 430-5838 is open 24-hours a day and can place you in direct contact with a certified technician in as little as a few minutes, we can have a team at your property ready to assist in as little as an hour!

We serve clients in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!