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Sewage Cleanup and Professional Restoration Services

sewage cleanup

Sewage backup should always be considered a critical emergency as the water may contain viruses, microbes, and other bacteria that can cause serious harm and illness. Sewage cleanup should not be handled by anyone other than professionals. Due to the severe health risk it poses, it is recommended that home or business owners stay away until professionals arrive.

Sewage backup, also commonly referred to as ‘black water’, affects many Americans every year. Risk of disease isn’t the only potential harm caused by these situations, either. The most common concern is electrocution or even an explosion caused by exposed gas. 

What Causes Sewage Backups

Sewage backup is something that happens to millions of home and business owners every year. This issue can be caused by multiple things, though, and determining the problem can take some time. Here are a few common reasons your home or business may suffer from a sewage backup:

Aging Sewer Systems

America has over 600,000 miles of sewage system currently. The current estimate is that the average sewage pipe is 33 years old. Overall, the American Civil Society of Engineers has rated our infrastructure as a D+. America’s aging sewer systems are one of the primary causes of sewage backup and a need for sewage cleanup.

The sewage system in America is growing older and expected more work as we continue to build homes, businesses, and add to infrastructure. These increasingly strenuous conditions have caused a rapid increase in sewage backups.

Tree Roots

Roots are another common issue that wrecks havocs on our sewage system. Tree roots need water and will detect moisture from a pipe and begin inching towards it. While these effects don’t happen overnight, eventually they will move into the pipe and cause it to burst by infiltrating the service pipe joints.

Pipe Overload

One of the most common times for sewage backup is during a time where pipes experience overload. Many of America’s sewage systems have combined pipes where raw sewage and storm water are combined. These pipes may become overloaded during a heavy rain storm in your area, causing sewage backup as the pipes can’t drain fast enough. 

Main Blockages

Sometimes the primary culprit of a sewage backup is the city’s main sanitary line. Luckily this occurs slowly and shows several indications before things turn ugly. One of the most common signs is slow seepage on floor drains or in shower drains. If you recognize this sign, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional for help.

Sewage backup can quickly make any home or business inhabitable, through the smell alone. The sewage cleanup process by professionals companies like United Water Restoration can help solve that problem.

The Types of Contaminated Water

There are three types of water that can trigger the need for sewage cleanup. Not all contaminated water looks like black, raw sewage water. Here are the three types of contaminated water that could trigger a need for sewage cleanup in your home or business:

Type 1: Clean Water

The first type of water comes from a pipe burst or a faucet leaking out of control. The longer this is allowed to sit without repair, the more likely further damage is to be caused. Leaving this type of water alone can also result in it degrading into the other two tiers of contaminated water. It is best to contact professionals and have this problem solved before it becomes widespread and hazardous. 

Type 2: Gray Water

While type one is not technically contaminated, gray water is the part of the process where hazards are clearly present. This type of water can cause discomfort and illnesses and can degrade if left unattended.

As the name implies, this water will look grayish and unclear. It is most commonly found in items such as dishwashers, toilets, and washing machines. Again, if left unattended, the problem can grow, becoming more widespread and more hazardous. 

Type 3: Black Water

Black water is the worst level of contaminated water. It looks bad, it smells bad, and it can be hazardous towards one’s health. This hazardous water can cause serious illness if contact is made with it, all contact should be avoided by you and left to professionals. 

Contaminated water may only get worse as time goes on and even type one is enough to warrant a call to professionals. 

What Can United Water Restoration Do?

While some of the responsibility of sewage backups lies with the city you reside in, the sewage cleanup process typically rests in your hands. If the city is liable for the damage accrued to your home or business, they will help pay for the damages and sewage cleanup process. 

United Water Restoration is able to help. Our sewage cleanup process will help rid your home or business of the contaminated water while helping restore it to its former glory. During our sewage cleanup process, we will drain your home or business of any remaining water, dry it out, and help prevent any more serious damage from accruing in your home or business.

United Water Restoration has offices located all around the United States. To find out if we have an office local to you, input your zip code in our database. The sewage cleanup process can be a difficult one to navigate. However, this process is the only way for your home or business to return to a sense of normalcy.

United Water Restoration also has an emergency hotline that is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. This hotline, (800) 430-5838, will put you in direct contact with one of our professional, certified technicians. While they may not be able to fully assess your problem over the phone, they can begin the sewage cleanup process and schedule an appointment that fits your needs. If you believe your home or business is suffering from sewage backup, make contact, and get the sewage cleanup process started sooner rather than later!

We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!