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Should I Hire a Home Disinfection Service?

home disinfection service

Coronavirus has changed the lives of hundreds of millions in one form or another. Most home and business owners are wondering if home disinfection services are worth the money. While a normal clean may be able to make your home or business look nice, unless you provide a thorough disinfection, the space is unsafe.

United Water Restoration Group, a company with home disinfection services, would like to discuss our services. We want to provide you with information to help you answer the following question: “should I hire a home disinfection service company?” We want to provide you with the knowledge of these services to help you come to a conclusion. 

Disinfection or Sanitization?

Home disinfection services provide a thorough and deep clean. Though some may think sanitization and home disinfection services are similar, they are very different. Sanitization means using certain wipes or sanitizer to clean after certain germs and bacteria. Though hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in public, sanitization services do little to curb it in your home. 

Our services will provide you with sanitization measures that go a step beyond. Disinfection services essentially provide an extra layer of cleaning in your home. United Water Restoration Group’s disinfection service provides your home with a thorough and clean sweep. We provide the same steps for sanitization, but with added steps and measurements.

Benefits of Home Disinfection Services

The benefits of utilizing our home disinfection service is having a clean and protected home. Our services have our technicians come in and provide a thorough clean. United Water Restoration Group technicians follow all CDC guidelines, for your safety and theirs. Our disinfection can assist in a number of ways that benefit nearly any home.

From cleaning up dust, sanitizing floors, to disinfecting high-touch items. Items such as countertops, furniture, doorknobs, remotes, and appliances are considered high-touch. These items pose a serious concern as they are touched frequently and typically receive little care or attention. United Water Restoration Group’s disinfection services can assist in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting these items. 

Our home disinfection services are thorough and provide your home with a deep clean. This clean can assist against the coronavirus as well as general allergies, common bacteria and viruses, and wear and tear on certain items. Certain items, such as furniture, benefit from thorough cleans regularly. Thorough cleans can assist in improved longevity on certain items. 

When to Use Home Disinfection Services

Our services can be utilized at various times during the year. To add an extra layer of safety they can be done prior and after social events at your home. United Water Restoration Group’s home disinfection service could also be used as a general, deep cleaning service. To learn more about our disinfection services, we encourage you to check out our blog regarding this topic.

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