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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips


As the Thanksgiving 2021 season approaches, fires can become much more prevalent due to all of the much-anticipated holiday festivities. Fire hazards can be pointed out to prevent a future blaze from tearing down your property. In 2018 the U.S. fire department responded to roughly 1630 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving, making it the peak day for fires.

There are simple ways to avoid such a catastrophic fire from occurring. While some precautions may seem tedious, it’s about keeping you and your family safe during this Thanksgiving 2021 season. Thanksgiving is the peak of home cooking fires, United Water Restoration Group’s fire damage cleanup professionals have listed some safety precautions to look out for this Thanksgiving 2021 season to help you and your family prevent dangerous situations that are common during the holidays.

10 Thanksgiving Fire Prevention Tips

  1. Stay in or around your kitchen when preparing goods using the oven range, such as a turkey in the oven and stuffing on the stove. Follow up on your cooking frequently to make sure it’s all secure.
  2. Keep flammable items (i.e. paper products, propellants, and items under pressure) away from the stove range. These can all easily catch fire and light up the kitchen in a matter of minutes.
  3. Keep children away from the stove and make sure the floor is free of obstructions, such as toys, so you do not trip.
  4. Roll up your sleeves when cooking. If your clothes catch fire from the heat this can become a serious fire hazard.
  5. Utilize kitchen timers to keep track of cooking times. This may sound redundant, but forgetting your food is cooking and letting it overcook can actually sprout a fire!
  6. If you happen to fry a turkey, do it away from buildings and shrubbery. Follow the user manual on how to properly use the fryer without causing serious harm to you or your property. NEVER leave the fryer unattended!
  7. Remember to blow out candles when not in use and keep paper objects away from the flame.
  8. Make sure to turn off all kitchen appliances when no longer in use.
  9. Check to see if your fire alarm is functioning properly by testing it. Click the “test” button to make sure the device is working or see if it needs to be replaced before it’s too late.
  10. If you suspect a fire or fire hazard within your property then leave immediately and call 911 once you’re at a safe distance away from the fire. Do not attempt to handle the issue yourself!

We must keep fire dangers in mind at all times and make fire prevention a priority every day of the year, not just during holidays such as Thanksgiving. Keep fire dangers at bay by implementing some tools into your fire safety plan that can help protect you from starting a fire or assist you in extinguishing one if it occurs. If a fire emerges in your home, you’ll need a trustworthy team to help restore the property and remove soot residue during this devastating time. United Water Restoration Group’s fire cleanup team is here to assist with a disaster of any size. Contact our 24/7 emergency fire cleanup line at (800) 430-5838 whenever a fire disaster strikes your home or business. Check out our blog on upcoming Christmas Fire Prevention Tips!

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