happy thanksgiving

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the leading day for home fires? With Thanksgiving approaching, United Water Restoration would like to offer some quick, helpful tips to help you and your family stay safe on this wonderful day.

Stay Present

3 out of 5 reported home fires involved cooking equipment. Ovens counted for 13%. Don’t leave anything cooking on a stove top unattended. Stay home the entire duration if you are cooking anything in the oven.

Clear your path

When you are cooking, ensure there are no trip hazards, and nothing near that could catch fire. This related to 10% of cooking fires and 23% of deaths.

Keep the Kids Away!

Children under 5 years of age were more likely to be hurt by touching hot cooking surfaces or equipment, or scaled by hot liquids than by an actual fire. Keep your little ones away from the kitchens and any hot surfaces to avoid accidents.

Before you decide to fight the fire yourself…

55% of civilians injured in home fires were hurt while attempting to fight the fire themselves.

View Our Infographic: