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The Unattended Death Cleanup Process

Unattended Death Cleanup

An unattended death is where a person passes and their body is not discovered for an extended period of time. Whether it be days, weeks, or even months. Unattended death cleanup can assist in discretely clearing biohazardous materials and restoring the affected areas to their normal self.

United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides trauma cleanup services, would like to discuss our process for unattended death cleanup. Dealing with the aftermath of these experiences can be stressful enough, when you need us the most, we can be there to assist. If you are in need of trauma cleanup or unattended death cleanup services, contact our hotline at (800) 430-5838.

Step #1: Emergency Contact

After the crime scene investigators have examined the scene and have cleared their investigation, your next point of contact should be our hotline at (800) 430-5838. This hotline will place you in direct contact with a certified technician. After explaining your situation, we can have a discrete team at your property within an hour.

Step #2: Assessing The Scene

As our technicians arrive, they will begin with assessing the scene. Our biohazard cleanup technicians will carefully go through the property and assess all damages as well as any biohazardous materials.

Step #3: Containment

While handling any biohazardous materials, our technicians will follow all guidelines set by governing agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control. During this step of the unattended death cleanup process, we remove any dangerous materials or elements from the property and set up barriers to prevent the spread of potentially harmful pathogens.

Step #4: Sanitization & Cleanup

Our technicians come equipped with specialized equipment and high-grade disinfectants. During this phase of the unattended death cleanup process, our technicians will comb the property and disinfect all surfaces and affected items. We will also remove stains, eliminate odors, and begin erasing all signs of any traumatic event.

Step #5: Restoration

During this step of the unattended death cleanup process, we can assist in bringing the property back to its normal self. Whether it be removing the carpet or trying to restore and clean lightly affected items, we will do our best to restore the property back to a state of normalcy.

Unattended Death Cleanup Services

United Water Restoration Group understands the difficulty the death of a loved one can be and we are always here to assist. Due to the nature of unattended death scenes, it is highly recommended that for your safety, professionals like us are contacted to assist. Our emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838 can place you in direct contact with a certified technician in a matter of minutes. Our hotline is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!