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Water Removal and Water Extraction Services

water removal

If you notice water damage in your home or business, immediate action is crucial. The longer you wait the more likely the damage is to spread. Water damage is an incredibly common occurrence for the average home and business owner.

In fact, 14,000 people on a daily basis experience it and the annual cost of water removal exceeds $13 billion. If your home or business has a basement the odds of it experiencing water damage are extremely common. It is estimated that 98% of basements in the United States will experience water damage in their lifetime.

Water removal and restoration is the only solution that can help your home or business from experiencing further damage. At United Water Restoration, we understand that this may be a challenge you’ve never faced. The best way to prepare is to educate yourself, ideally before an emergency.

The water extraction process can be tricky and it may be something new to you. That is why we would like to discuss water removal and give you a better understanding on this topic.

Recognizing Water Damage

Recognizing water damage is the first step to protecting your home or business from further damage. It can be easy to dismiss a puddle as a simple issue in your home or business. However, it could be something that causes far more damage in the long run. Especially if the issue is caused by a leak, which can grow overtime.

Recognizing water damage is important as it isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Sometimes it can come in the form of an increased utility bill caused by a leaking pipe. These issues are best examined by water removal companies to prevent further damage. 

Currently, United Water Restoration offers a convenient water loss remote visual inspection that can be done over the phone. This test is a great way for us to easily recognize a water leak without even needing to visit your home or business. 

Asides from an obvious water spot on the floor, there are several other ways to recognize water damage in your home or business. Where the eyes can’t tell, your nose may be able to smell. If you enter a room and smell a suspicious moldy, damp smell, this is a great indication of hidden water damage. If you find that your ceiling has become spotted or stained, this is another indication that there is water damage in your home or business. 

The Water Removal Process

Water extraction is key to getting your home or business back to a state of normalcy. If you haven’t experienced water damage or witnessed the water removal process, you may have questions about it. To help you better understand our water removal process, we would like to describe our step-by-step process to getting your home or business back to it’s normal, pre-loss condition:

Part 1: Emergency Contact

We understand that water damage can occur during any time of the day. That is why United Water Restoration’s hotline is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Contacting our hotline, at (800) 430-5838, will put you in direct contact with one of our professional, certified technicians. During this part of our water removal process our technician will contact you to get a better understanding of your situation.

Once we become more acquainted with what you’re experiencing, our technician will set up an appointment that is suitable to your schedule and needs. In cases of emergency, one of our technicians may be out to your property within even a few hours. This, of course, is all subject to your local area and may vary depending on the number of properties going through similar experiences. 

Part 2: Analysis and Assessment 

After our technician contacts you, gains a better understanding of your situation, and schedules an appointment we can finally have boots on the ground to help. During this stage of the water extraction process, our professional, certified technician will go over the affected areas of your home or business.

At United Water Restoration, we believe that customer service is important. This is why our technicians are more than willing to go over everything in their analysis.

Part 3: Water Extraction/Water Removal

After one of our technicians has given a full assessment and we move forward, we can begin the process of removing excess water from your home or business. During this part of the process, our technicians will clear the affected area and bring in our industrial equipment to start the water removal process. Our team uses the most up-to-date equipment and training to ensure that your home or business is restored properly.

Part 4: Drying and Dehumidifying 

After the water removal step of the process comes drying and dehumidifying the room. With the water removed from the home or business, this is a major step to prevent further water damage. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours, even after the water removal process, damp fixtures can grow mold. This step will allow for our technicians to dry out and use industrial dehumidifiers to pull humidity and moisture from the room.

Part 5: Sanitizing the Room

After the threat of water damage is removed from the home or business, our technicians begin sanitizing the affected areas. This part of the process sanitizes and removes undesirable odors associated with water damage. Our technicians will clean affected objects such as furniture, rugs, and personal items that may have been affected. Our technicians sanitize the room with antimicrobial treatments that prevent any microorganisms, such as fungi, from growing.

Part 6: Restoration

The final step to the water removal process is restoring the affected areas. This part of the water extraction process has the goal of completing our job and restoring your home or business. At United Water Restoration, our technicians are professionally certified and trained in the most up-to-date practices. This is to ensure that your home or business is restored fully to its pre-loss conditions.

United Water Restoration is a water removal/water extraction company that is equipped and trained to handle even major catastrophes. We have many offices located around the United States. If you are facing water damage or are in need of water removal, we highly encourage you to go to our website and find an office local to your area.

To do this, you can input your zip code here and find the closest United Water Restoration! We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!