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What Are Covid Cleaning Services?

Covid Cleaning Services

2020 is an unprecedented year that has left the world in a very different way than ever before. Covid cleaning services have become an increasingly popular service to utilize. They can be utilized by businesses and homes alike during various situations. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides disinfecting and cleaning services, would like to discuss our cleaning services. While these services are new to most, some familiar with regular disinfecting services may notice similarities.

COVID-19 Cleaning Services Vs. Cleaning Services

Outside of pandemic times, United Water Restoration Group still focuses on disinfecting and cleaning services. We quickly adapted to our cleaning services as we saw a need from businesses and individuals seeking to protect themselves and those who depend on them. While our normal disinfecting and cleaning services are able to provide protection from pathogens such as the flu and common cold, most traditional cleaning styles are ineffective against COVID-19.

Covid cleaning services utilize specialized products crafted and tested against COVID-19. The CDC has updated its guidelines regarding how cleaning services can combat COVID-19. For usage against COVID-19, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends using list N disinfectants.

Covid cleaning services take advantage of these disinfectants as they are the only ones approved and proven to properly clear the pathogen. While administering our cleaning services, all technicians abide by all CDC, EPA, and OHSA guidelines.

Our Covid Cleaning Services

United Water Restoration Group technicians provide cleaning services that can assist you in protecting your home or business from COVID-19 and other similar pathogens. These cleaning services can be utilized in numerous situations to help protect those who depend on your home or business. They can be used after heavy traffic or a normal day of traffic at a business or can be utilized prior to or after a social event takes place at your home. 

During our cleaning process, our technicians will carefully comb your home and use proper disinfectant chemicals. Covid cleaning services require close attention to detail that our technicians provide. While our technicians administer our services, they will follow all guidelines and recommendations set in place by agencies. Our technicians will go through your property and apply disinfecting and cleaning services to hard-to-reach places and high-touch surfaces.

Surfaces such as doorknobs, counters, shelf handles, and other items are touched often yet cleaned rarely. These items provide the perfect spot for a pathogen like COVID-19 and should always be cleaned after any day of traffic or a social gathering. 

Our cleaning services can assist in adding a layer of protection during these tough times. While social distancing is still in place, cleaning services help go the extra mile in protecting those who depend on your home or business. Give us a call for professional disinfecting services at (800) 430-5838.

United Water Restoration Group has offices located all around the United States. Our offices are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our scheduling is flexible enough to allow us to administer our services at the most convenient time for your home or business. To find the closest United Water Restoration Group office near you, go to our database and put your zip code in! We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!