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What is Water Mitigation?

Water Mitigation Company

Water damage is a serious concern that not only poses a threat to the safety of your home, but also to your health. It is a threat that can grow at a rapid pace and can happen to anyone, regardless of where they may live or the condition of their home. While you may not think it can happen to you, it is a common problem that affects 1 in every 50 homeowners in the United States. While the problem is widespread and finds itself newly presented in thousands of homes every day, many may not know what to do to combat the damage before contacting a water mitigation company for water mitigation tips. 

Millions of Americans live in flood zones without being aware of the potential threat. This is due to the fact that many states do not require this to be disclosed to a new homeowner. Not knowing your flood risk or understanding your area is a classic mistake that can be very easily avoided. If you’re unaware of your flood risk, FEMA has a flood map that can assist you in determining your risk.

While a water mitigation company, like United Water Restoration, is the ultimate solution to this problem, there are things you can do. These steps will help you prevent further damage while you wait for the services of these companies to begin. 

What to Do After a Flood

The first and foremost thing you need to determine is your own safety. The biggest threats posed by flooding are electrical and slip and fall areas. A flooded home obviously poses many concerns for those residing in the home. A home can flood due to a few reasons, from weather and storms to burst pipes that lay hidden and out of reach.

While there are different ways for a home to flood, there are procedures one should follow regardless of the cause. So, what should you do after a flood? To start with, you should try to locate the source of the problem. If it is weather then there may not be much you can do asides from attempting to tarp the leak. If your home is flooding due to a suspected burst pipe, the best route would be to shut the water off. This will help stop the issue from the source and save your home or business from further damage.

After the cause is determined you should begin with safely clearing the affected area of the home. Try your best to remove water by mopping or using towels to dry the areas affected the most. During times of emergency every second counts in protecting your home. Anything that is wet should be picked up and placed in a dry area. Find a spot where the water can dry out as opposed to sulking and remaining wet. 

Your best course of action is to clear the room(s) affected and to try to wipe the surface dry. Furniture and larger objects may pose a moving problem as you may not have enough room for them elsewhere. If this problem occurs,you should place aluminum foil or wooden blocks between the furniture and the wet floor.

Water doesn’t only damage the things it is touching, though. It is highly recommended that any wall-art or important decorations be removed from the walls and room as well. Mold is a very tough and fast-growing fungus that only needs oxygen, moisture, and organic material to latch onto an item. Try your best to clear the affected room of any loose items on the floor as well.

Another quick tip to help stop further damage is to turn on the room’s air conditioning system. This can especially help during a flood during summer, where the weather is typically more humid and can pose an additional threat to the room. 

Contacting a water mitigation company is also a crucial step to the process. Even if you think you have everything under control, a water mitigation company can assess the damage and further help. United Water Restoration is always a phone call away and our certified technicians can even help assess water loss from pipes remotely. 

What to Avoid Doing After a Flood

It’s easy to become caught in panic after your home or a room floods. It’s perfectly acceptable to freak out or worry, but now is the time to go into action mode. One of the biggest mistakes most make is pushing the problem aside and waiting. Every minute matters when it comes to water damage and flooding. Waiting can cause further damage to the room and, quite literally, the foundation of the home. 

While a water mitigation company may use a specialized vacuum to suck up water, it is highly unlikely that the average run-of-the-mill home vacuum will be capable of properly picking up water. While the vacuum may be able physically accomplish the task, it likely does not have a place to put the water. This will cause the water to seep into the electrical components of the vacuum and ultimately ruin it.

One of the most important things to avoid doing after a flood is avoiding the reality of the situation. While your home may be your pride and joy, at times of crisis you may not be able to fix the issue or prevent the problem from growing. Even small leaks can have major repercussions as they may not tell you the full story of what’s going on.

You should avoid ignoring professional help from a water mitigation company. Water mitigation companies, like United Water Restoration, are able to fully assess the damage and get your home back on track to where you were before pre-loss. 

United Water Restoration is a water mitigation company with offices located all around the United States. Our emergency hotline is open 24/7 and will put you in contact with a professional, certified technician and get the process started. To find out if United Water Restoration has an office around you, use our database and enter your zip code to find the nearest office that is available to help!

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