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What to Do If Your House Floods

house floods

House floods are becoming increasingly common amongst homeowners. Currently, 15 million homes are at risk of a flood or are in a flood zone. A house flooding can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars depending on the amount of damage. The longer a house floods and water damage lingers, the more damage the more unstable your home becomes. Foundation damage is one of the biggest concerns when your house floods. 

United Water Restoration Group would like to discuss what you should do if you are experiencing a house flooding event. We understand that water damage can be ruinous and can become very costly for the average homeowner. We would like to provide you with a few tips that can save precious time and items for you in the event that your house floods. 

Tip #1: Clean Drainage Systems

If you’re expecting a major storm to occur, preparing will help prevent a house flooding. Be sure to regularly clean drainpipes and other drainage systems. If you’re really at risk of a house flooding, digging a trench around your home can greatly assist and help prevent damage. 

Tip #2: Wait to Water Plants

As odd as it sounds, a home garden can create rich soil and help prevent flood damage. If your home has a gardening area, it is best to avoid watering it for a few days until the event occurs. If the soil is oversaturated with water, it will begin to push the water up and out. 

Tip #3: Check for Seal and Foundation Cracking

Regardless of your home’s risk of a flood, you should routinely check the seal and foundation of your home. Seal openings such as doors, windows, and utility penetrations around the home. This added security can help prevent water damage and may prevent further damage in the event of your house flooding. 

Tip #4: Sandbags

If your home is at risk for a flood, sandbags can drastically help reduce your flooding damage. Sandbags can be used to prevent water from coming in through doors, utility ports, or low windows. All you have to do is set them up near the seal to prevent water from coming in.

Tip #5: Assess Your Safety

If you are experiencing house flooding, the first thing you need to do is assess your own safety. Your own safety is always more important than the well-being of your home. If your home is experiencing a flood, find shelter or find high ground in your home. You can only do so much when your house floods. If you have placed preemptive items such as sandbags and water is still rushing in, do not hesitate to evacuate. 

House flooding is a very serious concern for millions of Americans. United Water Restoration Group, a company that focuses on fire, water, mold, and flood damage restoration, can assist you and help return your home to a state of normalcy.

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