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Professional Trauma Cleanup Services

Professional Trauma Cleanup Services

Professional trauma services are necessary to bring a home or property back to a habitable state after a traumatic event occurs. Trauma cleanup services can be utilized after a plethora of activities or traumatic events occurs in a building. Events such as a crime, drug or paraphernalia activity, or traumatic events that result in affected areas being unsafe to dwell or reside.

These cleanup services play a vital role in protecting those who reside in or dwell near the affected areas. Without trauma cleanup services, a home or property will likely remain uninhabitable by law until these services are rendered complete. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides trauma services, would like to further discuss these services and the conditions in which they are used. Though these services provide a great deal of care and attention, many are unaware of what trauma services provide. We want to discuss these services and give a better understanding of what they do and when to utilize them.

Common Cleanup Situations

There are several more common events that may render the necessity for trauma services. It’s important to note that trauma cleanup services may be the only way a property can be deemed habitable. Though some may not fully understand the risks of blood, blood pathogens can live up to several days and infect unprotected dwellers

Here are a few common situations that may require trauma cleanup services:

Crime Scene Cleanup Crime scene cleanup services are typically utilized with our trauma cleanup services. After the police have conducted their investigation, United Water Restoration Group technicians can come in and begin our extensive cleaning process. Crime scene cleanup services can be from numerous events. Events such as homicide, suicide, and other criminal incidents are covered in this category.

Trauma Scene CleanupTrauma cleanup services can also be used to help prevent the spread of blood pathogens or other potentially harmful substances. Traumatic events are typically events with extreme blood loss or one with excessive bodily fluids. Trauma services ensure a property is safe to return to after all substances and areas are cleaned and cleared. United Water Restoration Group technicians follow EPA and OHSA guidelines to ensure materials are disposed of in a safe manner. 

Utilizing Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

United Water Restoration Group can handle all forms of trauma our trauma scene services. Our technicians provide services that are respectful and discrete to protect a family and potential victim’s privacy. United Water Restoration Group technicians will arrive at the scene in unmarked vans with specialized equipment that will be unloaded once in the affected areas. 

If your home or property has recently had a traumatic event resulting from death, accident, trauma, or crime, utilizing trauma cleanup services may be necessary to inhabit the affected areas. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s trauma cleanup services, we encourage you to call our emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838. Trauma scenes are generally unsafe to inhabit and should be avoided unless the necessary protection and precautions are taken.

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