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Government buildings are not immune to needing restoration work when damages unfold at the property. The safety of any government building is crucial, in the face of damaging events, important documentation or parts of the building may be inaccessible depending on the type and severity of the damage. Our team can be at the property in under an hour during times of emergency. Once we've arrived we will begin assessing the situation and mitigating secondary losses.

United Water Restoration Group is a professional full-service restoration company that can assist any property through our restoration process. From broken pipes to fire events, our team of trained and certified technicians can assist you through every step of the restoration process!

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What Type of Services Do We Offer

At United Water Restoration Group, we can provide assistance and insight into many different types of damage situations. Here is a list of the general services we can provide to any property:

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Water Restoration

Water damage can strike at any time of the day, during any time of the year. From broken pipes to flooding from intrusive water, our team can assist you through many different types of situations involving water damage. Whether you need extensive water restoration or minor restoration, our team of experts can help you!

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Fire Restoration

Fires happen and can cause ruinous damage in a matter of minutes. Even if you're quick to put the fire out, it can cause persistent and continuous problems for the building. Affected areas may experience reduced air quality, lingering odors, and continued deterioration of affected materials. Our fire restoration services can assist any government building and can help return it back to its pre-fire conditions.

mold icon

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Mold Restoration

A mold outbreak can occur at any type of property and a single-room problem can quickly turn into a multi-room infestation if left unattended. While a mold colony may seem like the least of your concerns, as it grows and spreads, it will begin deteriorating organic materials and drastically reducing air quality.

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storm damage icon
Storm Damage Repair

Severe local weather events can cause internal and exterior damage to any property. Wind, hail, and rain can cause serious damages that may not be immediately seen or known. After any major storm, we can have a team sent to your property to determine if there are any damages to the exterior or interior of the building, free of charge. Our storm damage repair services can assist in bringing any building back to its pre-loss conditions.

Government Building Restoration Services

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to addressing a disaster or damage to the property. The safety of a government building is important, as it may hold important documents or provide an important service. It is important to get the damage addressed quickly to prevent secondary damage as well preventing portions of the building from closing or becoming uninhabitable. During an emergency, our team can be at the property within an hour, assessing and beginning work to bring the building back to its pre-loss condition. If you choose to utilize us as a preferred vendor, you get the following benefits:

Priority Assistance:

If there's a severe storm or localized events that cause an influx of services needed, our team will make your property a priority. We understand that you can't wait hours or days, government buildings host important documents and functionality that need to be protected against secondary damages and lingering issues.

Open Communication:

We pride ourselves on providing clear, concise communication throughout our services. We know how difficult it can be to endure restoration services. We provide continuous communication throughout the project to provide you with a better understanding of the progress.

Industry-Leading Response:

If your community is experiencing an emergency, we know you can't wait hours for help. During times like this, we can have a team dispatched and at your property in under an hour!

Flexible Payments:

We offer online, flexible payment options. Depending on your situation, we can work out a flexible payment option that works best for all parties involved.

Government Building Restoration

If you work in a government building that requires restoration, our team can assist. United Water Restoration Group can assist any government building through every step of our restoration process. We can assist in returning the building back to a safe and normal status. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle the most extensive damages in any government building.

With our preferred vendor program, we can send a professional to the building to craft an emergency disaster response plan. This plan will help our team gain a better understanding of the layout and can help prevent additional damage at the property. If you are in need of restoration services or would like to discuss our preferred vendor program, contact us now at (800) 430-5838.