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If your own a commercial or residential property that has been affected by a large, encompassing loss, our team has the training and equipment to assist. At United Water Restoration Group, we offer large loss restoration services for any property that has experienced significant damage. Large loss restoration is determined by the scope of work needed to return the property back to its pre-loss conditions. The need for these services means that a large portion of the property, meaning most of the structure requires restoration.

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United Water Restoration Group is a full-service restoration company that can provide insight and assistance through many different situations. Our team of local experts is trained and certified to handle even the most extensive loss.

large loss water icon

large loss water icon
Large Loss Water Restoration

Water damage can happen to any building at any time of the day, during any season of the year. Large loss of water damage can continue to damage the property and may render certain areas unsafe. If your property is experiencing significant water damage, you can trust our professional large-loss specialists to help get your property back to its pre-loss conditions.

large loss storm icon

large loss storm icon
Large Loss Storm Damage Repair

Severe storms can cause severe damage to any property. While the damages may start off on the exterior of the building, things like wind, hail, and rain can eventually cause interior damage. If your commercial property is experiencing a large loss and needs storm damage repair, our team of experts can assist you through every step.

large loss fire icon

large loss fire icon
Large Loss Fire Restoration

A fire can cause ruinous damage in a matter of minutes. Extensive restoration efforts may be needed after significant loss from a fire, in some cases reconstruction may be necessary. Commercial fire damage restoration may be needed to return the property to safety as fires can cause damage to the structural integrity of the building.

Professional Large Loss Specialists

If your property is experiencing a large loss, our experts can assist. United Water Restoration Group has the manpower, training, and equipment to tackle even the most extensive restoration projects. If your commercial property has experienced a large loss and needs professional large loss restoration, our team is ready and available to assist.

We understand that during times of emergency, you can't wait hours for assistance. During these times, we can have a team dispatched and at your property in under an hour to begin assessing the situation and mitigating secondary damage.