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Managing a community, particularly an assisted living community, retirement home, or a 55+ community, can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of tasks involved. This can be further complicated by unexpected accidents or disasters that can increase stress levels. In such situations, it's essential to address the problem promptly to avoid further damage to the community. That's where finding a reliable partner, like United Water Restoration Group, can help reduce some of the stress.

United Water Restoration Group is a professional service provider that can help your community get back to normal. From broken pipes and floods to fire events, our team of trained and certified technicians is available 24/7 to assist you.

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What Type of Services Do We Offer

At United Water Restoration Group, we are a full-service restoration and remediation company that can offer assistance and insight into many different types of situations and damage. We can assist you through a situation such as the following:

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Water Restoration

Water damage can happen at any time in your community. From external concerns such as severe storms to internal problems like blocks or leaks that cause water damage. Regardless of the cause, our water damage restoration services for senior living communities can assist you and your community.

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Fire Restoration

Fires happen and even if you're quick to put them out, they can cause continuous and persistent problems for your community. Affected areas can experience reduced air quality, foul odors, and continued deterioration of affected materials. Our fire damage restoration services for senior living communities can help return your community back to its pre-fire conditions!

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Mold Restoration

A mold outbreak can occur at any property or senior living community. On average, there are around 200-700 mold spores in a room at any given time. While these spores are typically harmless, once they form into mold colonies, they can quickly grow and spread. This can cause damage as well as significantly reduced air quality. If your community is experiencing mold, contact our experts for assistance!

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Storm Damage Repair

Severe thunderstorms or intense local weather events can cause internal and exterior damage to any property. Wind, rain, and hail can cause serious damages that should be addressed. If left unattended, the damage can grow. After any major storm, we can have a team sent to your community to determine if there are any damages, free of charge! Our storm damage repair services can help return your community back to its pre-loss conditions.

Professional Large Loss Specialists

If your property is experiencing a large loss, our experts can assist. United Water Restoration Group has the manpower, training, and equipment to tackle even the most extensive restoration projects. If your commercial property has experienced a large loss and needs professional large loss restoration, our team is ready and available to assist.

We understand that during times of emergency, you can't wait hours for assistance. During these times, we can have a team dispatched and at your property in under an hour to begin assessing the situation and mitigating secondary damage.