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The hospitality industry is not immune to the need for restoration work when a damaging event unfolds at a property. Hotels, resorts, and other establishments in the industry are vital buildings that should have damages addressed immediately to ensure their continued operation and prevent secondary damage. Our team at United Water Restoration Group can respond to an emergency situation at any hospitality property in under an hour, assessing the situation and mitigating any secondary losses.

Damage from water, fire, storms, or mold can render a portion of a hospitality property inoperable or unsafe. That's where we come in as a full-service restoration company, providing assistance through every step of our restoration process. Our certified and trained professionals can help return the property back to its pre-loss conditions, no matter the extent of the damage.

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Our Hospitality Restoration Services

At United Water Restoration Group, we understand the importance of providing exceptional hospitality services to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for your guests. Here are some of the services we offer to hospitality properties:

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Water Restoration

Water damage can occur at any time, posing a threat to your property and guests. Whether it's due to a burst pipe or a natural disaster, our experts can help you deal with any water damage situation. We offer comprehensive restoration services, from minor repairs to extensive restoration.

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Fire Restoration

Fires can cause significant damage to your property and disrupt your guests' experience. Our fire restoration services can help you restore your property to its pre-fire condition. We offer efficient and effective restoration services to help you minimize downtime and get back to serving your guests.

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Mold Restoration

Mold can quickly spread in a hospitality property, posing a serious health risk to your guests. Our mold remediation services can help you identify and eliminate any mold outbreaks in your property. Our certified technicians use advanced equipment and techniques to remove mold safely and efficiently.

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Storm Damage Repair

Storms can cause significant damage to your property, disrupting your operations and affecting your guests' experience. Our storm damage repair services can help you restore your property to its pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently. We offer flexible payment options to help you minimize your financial burden.

Hospitality Building Restoration Services

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to addressing any damage to your property. That's why we offer priority assistance to hospitality properties to minimize downtime and ensure your guests' safety. When you choose us as your preferred vendor, you'll benefit from:

Priority Assistance:

Our team will prioritize your property in the event of severe storms or localized incidents that increase the demand for services. We understand the importance of protecting your guests and operations and will respond promptly to any emergency.

Open Communication:

We provide transparent and concise communication throughout our services to keep you informed of our progress throughout the project. We understand the challenges of undergoing restoration work and strive to minimize any disruption to your operations.

Rapid Response:

We know that waiting for help during an emergency is not an option. That's why our team can be on-site at your property in less than an hour during such times.

Flexible Payment Options:

We offer flexible payment options online and can work with you to determine the best payment plan for all parties involved based on the situation.

Hospitality Property Restoration

Our certified and trained technicians can handle even the most extensive damages to your hospitality property. We offer comprehensive restoration services to help you restore your property to its pre-loss condition. We can assist you in crafting an emergency disaster response plan to ensure efficiency and speed if and when something happens.

If you're in need of hospitality restoration services or would like to discuss our preferred vendor program, contact us now at (800) 430-5838.