Emergency Water Extraction

Flooding can happen easily if there are non-stop heavy rains in Houston. It can also occur if you have a broken pipe, or left the water running. Whatever the source, floods are the worst, next to fire of course, when it comes to damage to your home and all your possessions.

Floods can happen when you least expect it to so being prepared and reacting appropriately to such a catastrophe is crucial. To reduce the damage and salvage what you can, removing all the excess water is absolutely critical. You may think you can handle the job yourself but calling Houston water damage experts when there is a need for emergency water extraction is a wise decision.

Water Damage & Insurance
Water damage in your home or commercial property is a grave situation and needs to be taken very seriously. It can set in motion a number of health risks from uncleanness and mold. Damage arising from storm, sewer stoppages and breaks in waterlines can linger and damage your property further even after you may think the space is dry.

It’s very important to keep your insurance company involved and updated of all the activities surrounding the emergency water extraction. Be sure to choose an Houston professional who knows about all the procedures and one who can readily support you with not just the insurance claim but also one that is expert in preventing further damage after the extraction in completed successfully.

Why choose experts in case of emergency water extraction?
For a flooding emergency occurrence, you should have expert help—and you need to find it fast. The United Water Restoration trained and skilled workers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They bring top of the line, high-tech equipment that will extract all the water from the affected area. Our fully trained Houston restoration specialists are ready to handle all kinds of water removal emergencies.

What do the experts do?
Equipment to extract is carried into the home to get rid of excess water. Water is taken out of carpets, padding and even upholstery.

If required, carpet and/or padding may be removed for proper and complete drying.

Specialized equipment to dry and dehumidify is brought in to treat the affected areas and to normalize the humidity level in your home. We have special tools that are used to locate unseen pockets of water. All this is done to prevent further damage that is caused by microbial growth and decrease overall expense.

More importantly, when you decide to hire United Water Restoration of Houston, we are there to oversee all activities and ensure drying is properly done for all possessions. When the work is done you can go back to your normal day to day activities and we will work make sure everything is cleared by your insurance company.