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water iconWater Damage Restoration

Water damage can strike at any time and can take many different forms. It only takes a few minutes for your home to be overwhelmed with water or sewage. Porous materials, such as carpets and drywall, can absorb water, keeping it within the material. Even if the surface appears to be clean, the material could still be retaining moisture due to these porous materials. This is when water restoration comes in handy. United Water Restoration Group of Orlando will remove any standing water and dry out water deep within the structure. We are a knowledgeable crew that offers emergency 24/7 services at your disposal.

  • Water Mitigation
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Removal
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Structural Drying
  • Storm Damage
  • Sewage Backup

fire iconFire Damage Restoration

A fire can cause ruinous damage and change the layout of any building. Our experts in Orlando have the knowledge and training needed to get your property back to its pre-loss condition after a fire. Our specialists will remove the soot-stained materials and either dispose of them or return them to their original condition, depending on the extent of the damage. The area will then be treated for smoke damage following this. Porous materials can trap smoke odors in them even in smaller cases of fire. This damage can linger and continue to deteriorate affected materials. During our fire damage restoration process in Orlando, Florida, our specialists will carefully go through your property and ensure all problems are addressed to bring your property back to its pre-loss conditions.

  • Soot Removal
  • Smoke Odor Removal
  • Cleaning Fire Damage
  • Fire Damage Remediation
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Fire Damaged Roofs
  • Emergency Tarping & Board Up
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Soot Cleanup

mold iconMold Damage Restoration

When mold is found in your house, it's critical to have a professional investigate the problem. United Water Restoration Group of Orlando may visually inspect the afflicted region for mold development. To assess the damages, our specialists will arrive at your home as soon as possible. We can begin restoration once there has been a substantial source of mold tested and identified. Our technicians are trained and IICRC certified for any size job, both commercial and residential. We will prevent further spread before it can happen by containing the infestation. The next stage will be to treat the affected area and some tear-out may be required varying on the severity. Finally, we'll spray antimicrobial chemicals around the area to eliminate any remaining spores.

  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Antimicrobial Treatments
  • Mold & Mildew Odor Removal
  • Mold Abatement
  • Visual Mold Assessments
  • Mold Containment
  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • Dehumidification & Dryout

house iconOther Restoration Services

Once we completely restore your property, we will begin the reconstruction process. Some jobs might need further labor from outside of our business specialty. This is why we choose to work with competent contractors in the Orlando region so that the transfer from us to another firm is simple and comfortable for you. All of the contracts we transact with are pre-licensed and insured. They each promise to deliver exceptional service on every project, meeting the exact expectations you've set. United Water Restoration Group offers a complete spectrum of contracts for your disposal, whether you're renovating damaged portions of your property or need construction services.

  • Reconstruction Partnerships
  • Remodeling Partnerships
  • Vetted Contractors
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Direct Insurance Billing
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We work with all insurances


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There is no government-released standard regarding the amount of time for mold exposure. Reactions to mold vary from person to person and have different variables such as the size of the building and affected areas.
While black mold is presumed to be more dangerous than other molds, all mold releases toxins into the air. These toxins very rarely cause a deadly interaction, however, with extreme allergies, safety should always be your number priority.
Bleach does not kill mold colonies. The most it will do is remove the green/grey color from the colonies, but will not kill it. It will be out of sight, but still, present and reproducing inside your home.
Yes, there are three separate types of water damage. Category 1 (clean water) - Poses no risk to you, water such as from an overflowing sink. Category 2 (greywater) - Can cause illness, due to a significant amount of chemical, physical, or biological contamination in the water. Category 3 (black water) - This type of water is dangerous and can cause severe illness due to pathogens found in the water. It can come from seawater, sewage backup, or even groundwater.
Water as a result of a flood or burst pipe poses a threat. There can be dirt and toxins of which can easily form into bacteria. This can be harmful to your family’s health if these bacterias come into contact with someone. Bugs and mold are drawn to moisture, making the leak susceptible to growing mold or producing a bug colony. Both of which post separate health risks, but even more so bugs if they bite and transmit diseases.
Make sure you check faucets, showers, washing machine connections, and outside hose lines for possible leaks occurring. Another thing to look for is growing damp spots and discoloration along walls and ceilings. These can appear as light colors, possibly yellow or light grey areas that seem to grow by the week.
It's important to remember that smoke from a house fire is not safe to breathe and can cause respiratory problems. It’s recommended that you hire a professional team who has the proper equipment and experience dealing with this type of issue properly.
This depends on the extent of damage caused at your home during the fire event. Typically, the answer is a yes, but that is only in the event that your home has sustained. If most of your home is damaged, it is likely you will need to stay else whereas we go through our fire damage restoration process.
While it can be hard to imagine your property without the lingering smells of a fire, our technicians take aim at returning your property to its pre-loss conditions entirely. Through the final stages of our fire damage restoration process, we take aim at neutralizing those lingering smells.
When booking an appointment you may request to an agent a point of interest on your property you’d like us to focus on. While we do give every room equal attention, we can take extra precautions when handling a quested area.
We use safe and effective disinfectants approved by the EPA for maximum strength. These germicides can treat a wide variety of pathogens present onsite.
Yes, our disinfecting and cleaning services are available for businesses and we have flexible schedules to help ensure we do not interrupt your business’ day.
Bodily fluids have the potential to carry harmful pathogens that may result in contracting a disease. Professionals should always handle the aftermath of such an event as we come prepared with the knowledge of how to properly clean affected areas.
You may have wiped the blood off the surface, but blood can quickly seep through materials and root itself in them. This causes an inherent risk to those who dwell in those areas as well as the potential for further damages.
It is difficult to estimate how long crime scene cleanup will take. The length of time the works remains necessary depends on many factors. Our crime scene clean-up crews should go through an assessment phase during which they determine the extent of work that needs to be done and come up with a plan for what should be done in each phase. Our technicians will be able to tell you when you can expect everything to be completed following a completed assessment.
Disasters such as a tornado, hurricane, or flood create an influx of restoration projects needed as homeowners’ properties have been damaged. It’s hard to predict when a job will be completed, but we will always work out fastest to make sure your property is brought back to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible.
When water comes into contact with drywall, the drywall can disintegrate, making it sag. Paint bubbles can form and peel after the water dries. Following, if saturated long enough, wood will begin to warp and swell. Water damage can cause floorboards and carpets to separate from the foundation.
Severe storms can cause multiple types of damage on a property, some you may not even notice. If you are worried about damage after a storm, we can come out and provide you with a free assessment to ensure your property is safe.