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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can sneak up on home and business owners. It can be expensive to repair if left unattended. Many building materials, as well as furniture, carpets, drapes, fabrics, and cabinets, are susceptible to water absorption. This makes them probable for severe damage and possible mold growth if left saturated. Wood fixtures will warp and contort; plaster and drywall will start to collapse, fabrics will become moldy and germy, posing a health risk to you and your family. Our water restoration procedure is straightforward and efficient. Our water damage restoration services in Atlanta, Georgia will place our certified experts at your property. They will carefully comb through your property to locate the source of your problem and correct it. Once we correct the source and prevent further damages, we can start removing standing water and getting your property back to its normal, pre-loss condition.

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  • Hardwood Floors
  • Water Soiled Carpets
  • Damaged Tiles & Flooring
  • Water Damage On Ceilings
  • Water Damage On Walls
  • Water Damage In Basements
  • Water Damage From Burst Pipes
  • Drying Water Damage
  • Water Damaged Roof
Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

The damage caused by fire and smoke in the house might be hard to overcome, it is critical that you work with a professional restoration business to remove all fire damage. United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta's fire restoration services involve removing the strong smoke odor from all porous materials and safely disposing of the black soot stains on materials. Our team is able to remove the damaged materials and remediate all objects impacted by the fire using a combination of cleaning chemicals, hot thermal fog, ozone treatments, and odor counteractants. We provide fire damage restoration services for homeowners, multistory apartment buildings, and commercial properties in the Atlanta, Georgia area. This includes structural damage assessments, emergency board up and tarping, structural bracing and shoring, soot removal and smoke cleanup, cleaning of all surfaces, water refurbishment, and demolition.

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  • Fire Damaged Property
  • Fire Damaged Kitchens
  • Cleaning Fire Damage
  • Fire & Smoke Cleanup
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Fire Damaged Roofs
  • Removing Smoke Odors
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Odor Neutralization
Mold Damage Restoration

Mold Damage Restoration

Many people believe that mold damage can be treated by covering the objects with chemicals such as disinfectants, biocides, or cleaners. Unfortunately, these chemical cleaners will not help. Substances such as bleach, though commonly believed to kill mold, simply mask the problem. The process of mold removal for United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta includes doing a visual assessment to locate potential microbial growth. Our experts then contain the microbial growth, followed by extracting it and treating the area to refrain mold colonies reappearing. Mold removal and mold cleanup prevent the spread of mildew by encapsulating materials affected by mold, removing the items, and eliminating water residue and sources of moisture - the source and cause of mold growth - in order to replenish and maintain clean air. This is carried out through a five-step process including assessment, containment, filtration, mold removal, drying, repair, and testing for mold. Before the last test we will sanitize the area with antimicrobials to prevent the spores from reappearing, eliminating any spores still present. These chemicals are safe for use around humans and the environment.

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  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Damaged Walls
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Mold Removal From Basements
  • Mold Removal From Ceilings
  • Visible Mold Assessments
  • Crawl Space & Attic Mold Remediation
  • Toxic Mold Removal
  • Mold Restoration & Abatement
Decontamination & Disinfection Services

Decontamination & Disinfection

A thorough disinfection and sanitizing treatment will be carried out by our highly experienced specialists to prevent the spread of any pathogens. This procedure also protects against a range of biological hazards, such as the flu and other viruses. Our experts can effectively investigate, disinfect, and sanitize areas of concern. We'll utilize professional EPA registered disinfectants as directed by the manufacturer's label. We employ strong chemical solutions that are on the EPA's list of permitted treatments. In terms of cleaning and disinfecting areas that may be contaminated, United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta follows all CDC guidelines. We clean and sanitize every commercial or residential area. We then use powerful EPA-approved broad-spectrum disinfectants to clean high-contact surfaces (such as tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, and sinks) thoroughly. If you believe the area you are in has been contaminated by harmful pathogens, contact United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta. With our decontamination services we can effectively treat any harmful bacteria to help prevent the spread of a virus in your home or business.

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  • EPA / CDC Approved Chemicals
  • ULV Fogging
  • EPA Approved Disinfectants
  • Disinfect Common Areas
  • Sanitize Business Office Spaces
  • Condominium Decontamination
  • Repeat Cleaning Services Available
  • Full PPE Protection To Ensure Safety
  • 24 Hour Day & Night Services
Other Services

Other Services

After the cleanup, it's time to restore everything back to normal. Sometimes this entails restoring or rebuilding sections of the home that have been damaged as a result of the cleanup operation. We are a full-service restoration company that offers key services and extraordinary customer support that helps us stand out. The most essential thing to note about United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta is that it collaborates with a network of certified general contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring that your house or business is returned to its pre-loss condition. Whether you are dealing with damage in your kitchen, bathroom, damaged flooring, or other elements, we can assist. In other words, we can fix up any remediation project back to pre-loss conditions! Give us a call today to schedule a restoration appointment.

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  • Biohazard Cleanup & Removal
  • Reconstruction By Certified GC
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