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Your Local Water Damage, Fire Damage & Mold Remediation Experts in Houston, Texas

Your Local Water Damage, Fire Damage & Mold Remediation Experts in Houston, Texas

We provide restoration services to Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Are you in need of mold remediation? Looking for fire damage restoration? Seeking water damage restoration in Houston, Texas? We can help! Our technicians can assist you through every step of the restoration process and remove all signs of damage. At United Water Restoration Group of Houston, our technicians are trained and certified to handle even the most severe commercial and residential restoration projects.


water iconWater Damage Restoration

Property owners always have to be ready to deal with potential threats that can turn your world upside down, and one of the most common threats to any property is water damage. When you least expect it, you can find yourself dealing with water damages occurring from leaking pipes, malfunctioning appliances, or even nature's wrath through a powerful storm or flooding. When dealing with water damage, you’ll want a professional water damage restoration company in your corner and our expertly trained technicians in Houston, Texas can be there to assist you in your time of need. The damage that water can cause to your property can have long-lasting effects, but with the help of a professional water restoration company your property can be rescued and your life can go back to normal. Our in depth water restoration process in Houston, Texas tackles your water damage disaster until the damage is but a thing of the past, and our methods will also work towards the prevention of mold infestations that had a potential of occurring due to water damage.

  • Water Mitigation
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Removal
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Structural Drying
  • Storm Damage
  • Sewage Backup

fire iconFire Damage Restoration

Everyone already knows that fires can be a costly experience on your property, but what many may not realize is it doesn’t have to be an inferno to cause enough damage that necessitates fire damage restoration. Even smaller fires like those in the kitchen can cause widespread damage through the property as smoke and heat damage manifests not just near the site of the blaze, but through the building where smoke traveled. Unpredictable as they are, you can take every precaution to prevent a fire, but you’ll never be entirely free of the risk. Cooking accidents, faulty wiring, or something else entirely out of your hands like a lightning strike could leave you dealing with the results of fire damage at some point. Whether fire damage has rendered your property too dangerous to stay in or smoke damage from the fire has caused you to take a temporary exit, you’re going to need a fire damage restoration service in your corner. Our technicians in Houston, Texas are trained and equipped to restore your property to pre-fire conditions. Once we have moved through your property and addressed all of the damage left behind, you’ll be left with a safe and restored location ready to be inhabited once more.

  • Soot Removal
  • Smoke Odor Removal
  • Cleaning Fire Damage
  • Fire Damage Remediation
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Fire Damaged Roofs
  • Emergency Tarping & Board Up
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Soot Cleanup

mold iconMold Damage Restoration

Mold infestations are an awful thing for property owners to experience. Microscopic in size, mold spores are already around you even now. On average there is a mold spore count of 200-500 per room. The good news is that while that average sounds intimidating, mold spores typically don’t become an active threat until meeting the proper conditions. Often the result of uncontrolled moisture, mold infestations will begin to spread until they become unsightly growths on your property combined with a horrible odor to match. When you’re dealing with a mold infestation, you absolutely need professional help. Our mold remediation experts in Houston, Texas can tackle the mold infestation right down to the source leaving the growths and odor a thing of the past by the time they’ve finished. Our mold remediation process in Houston, Texas is completely thorough and includes careful observation of the entire property to ensure that once the mold infestation is beaten, it won’t have a chance of reorganizing a return.

  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Antimicrobial Treatments
  • Mold & Mildew Odor Removal
  • Mold Abatement
  • Visual Mold Assessments
  • Mold Containment
  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • Dehumidification & Dryout

disinfection iconDecontamination & Disinfection

Our technicians in Houston, Texas are also equipped and trained to offer general decontamination and disinfection services. Useful to those who own homes or businesses, these services take aim at some of the lesser thought of inconveniences that may be on your property. Pathogens, allergens, and other irritants that have accumulated indoors over time can leave you feeling under the weather, but our team is standing by to sanitize and disinfect your property from ceiling to floor and everything in between to make sure you and yours are able to breathe easily. We operate within strict OHSA and CDC guidelines to make sure that what you’re paying for is exactly what you get. Our decontamination and disinfection service in Houston, Texas is the extra layer of safety your property deserves.

  • EPA / CDC Approved Chemicals
  • ULV Fogging
  • Commercial Disinfection Services
  • Commercial Sanitizing Services
  • Deep Surface Cleaning
  • Residential Sanitizing Services
  • Residential Disinfection Services
  • Biohazard Cleanup & Removal
  • High Touch Surface Cleaning

house iconOther Restoration Services

When cleanups are over and damages have been addressed, it’s time to restore your property back to normal. Whether it’s rebuilding sections of the structure entirely or minor repairs, United Water Restoration Group of Houston works with an extensive network of vetted and reliable contractors to ensure that your property is returned to pre-loss conditions with no hidden strings attached. Through this network, we can provide access to licensed and trained professionals who can do everything from floor and ceiling repairs to complete remodels as well as everything in between. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor damage that needs to be repaired, our team in Houston, Texas will make sure that you have the help you need in your corner.

  • Reconstruction Partnerships
  • Remodeling Partnerships
  • Vetted Contractors
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Direct Insurance Billing
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Mold spores are fairly common in all rooms due to their microscopic size in nature. The average mold spore count in any particular room ranges from 250-600 spores.
Exposure to mold can cause certain health problems after prolonged exposure. Mold has been attributed to many cases of asthma and may cause severe allergic reactions to those allergic to mold.
Mold is not dangerous in small amounts and having some mold growth in your home is inevitable due to exterior moisture intrusions, such as from an outside leak or an un-vented clothes dryer. Thus, it isn't necessary to remove any mold until the problem is widespread throughout your living space. However, as soon as you discover the presence of any visible amount of mold spores on surfaces including drywall, wallpaper, and carpeting or notice that there is a musty or uncharacteristic odor present we'd suggest that we schedule an inspection with you.
High utility bills, a musty smell, or the sight of a mold colony are all indicators that you may have a hidden leak at your property.
If you suspect a water line in your house is leaking, one thing you can check is floors, ceilings, and walls for possible dampness or mold growth. Wooden and vinyl floors will warp over time and walls/ceilings can become discolored.
Water damage can be a serious issue as it deteriorates your home’s structural integrity - ruining wood, floors, and drywall. Water can also affect electrical wiring and other in-wall pipings/wiring. If left unhandled it can eat away at your home, causing an even worse and unpredictable catastrophe.
Many insurance companies will cover the fire damage restoration process, including smoke damage cleaning and temporary re-location during the work. The restoration process is usually covered, depending on the extent of damage to your home or office.
It's important to remember that smoke from a house fire is not safe to breathe and can cause respiratory problems. It’s recommended that you hire a professional team who has the proper equipment and experience dealing with this type of issue properly.
Once you are able to come back to assess the damage, try to take photos of every room as soon as it is safe for you to enter. This will help document everything that was destroyed by the incident so that you can file a claim if necessary.
You can use these services as often as you’d like, we highly recommend them before or after any social gathering. Your property should also receive a deep cleaning at least twice every year.
Disinfection takes the cleaning a step further as it specifically targets disinfecting an area over simply wiping it down or doing a surface clean.
Our decontamination services seek to provide an added layer of protection at your home or business. These services target irritants, pathogens, and allergens around your property.
Professional trauma remediation services allow your property to return to a state of normalcy in a safe and effective manner. Trauma services come with an inherent risk, one you should never undertake on your own.
You should use trauma remediation services anytime blood or bodily fluids are left behind. These events require safe, professional cleanup services.
Once our technicians are able to fully render our services, the affected areas will be returned to normal and any lingering odors will be neutralized.
Typically most homeowner’s insurance policies do cover this form of damage. However, they may not cover it if the roof is discovered to have damage caused prior to the storm.
Storm damage may not be present during the storm itself and may only be noticeable after the storm has passed. It can be in the form of a broken window, water intrusion, or damage to your roof.
The time you have to file differs from company to company, most insurance companies have a limited window of when you can claim. You should read your policy or call your insurance and ask them directly.