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Mold In Your Crawlspace? When To Hire Mold Removal Services

mold removal services

Hidden Mold on Your Property

How you ever stepped into your home and noticed an odd smell? Maybe you searched through the kitchen and bathrooms and weren’t able to find the source of the musty odor. For many home and property owners, hidden mold is causing bad smells and other significant problems. Professional attic & crawlspace mold removal services should resolve the trouble for you, but first, you need to know what’s at risk and how you can tell there’s a problem.

Mold Growth Damages Property

Even unseen mold can cause a lot of trouble on your property and for the people living or working in your buildings. In addition to creating the potential for health problems, mold also stains walls, floors, window treatments, and anything else it comes into contact with. It’s very difficult to cover up that unsightly evidence of damage. Colonies weaken the structure of the home, and areas of damage may then release volatile organic compounds, increasing the risk of new health issues.

The Spread of Mold

Mold can set up pretty much anywhere in homes and other types of property, but moist, dark basements, attics, and crawlspaces are perfect environments for mold and mildew growth. This is because spores only require moisture and an organic surface to thrive. These food sources include paper, wood, insulation, plants, glue, human food, and fabrics.

Mold reproduces by sending microscopic spores into the air which are carried by breezes, on pets, or on your clothing. In dark corners of rooms or underneath the carpet, there’s plenty of food for the spores to settle and begin spreading. The cement floors of basements, wood framing of the attic, or soil environment in a crawlspace provide plenty of undisturbed food and shelter.

Recognizing Signs of Mold Growth

Prevent building damage and reduce the risk of related health problems by recognizing the signs of mold growth.

  • Musty smells, often similar to urine
  • Spots of uneven coloring, including brown, orange, white, green, gray, and black
  • Stains shaped like almost perfect circles or resembling a crescent moon
  • Squishy spots on the floor or wall

Any time you see evidence of water damage, you should also watch out for mold growth. Happily, your efforts at immediately responding to water issues will also reduce the potential for mold damage.

Combating Mold on Your Property

Tiny spores of mold are in the air everywhere; they exist in every environment and climate, so it’s easy for them to travel into homes and businesses. The attic and crawlspace are common places for mold to grow because they are dark, and these spaces are also vulnerable to the most common causes of high levels of moisture:

  • Flooding, such as a broken pipe or water heater
  • Slow leaks or drips, such as through a crack in the roof
  • Condensation from hot showers, boiling water, and laundry rooms
  • The use of green lumber when during construction
  • Rainstorms while buildings are going up
  • Standing water from appliances or a lack of maintenance
  • Rotting fruit and overwatered plants

However, you can do your best to create an atmosphere that doesn’t support mold growth. Look through your property for an unnoticed drip in a basement shower that creates an environment for mold in the drain or rotting fruit on the counter that releases mold into the air. These problems may seem minor, but they can lead to significant trouble. Avoid growing concerns by scheduling attic & crawlspace mold removal services as soon as you suspect trouble.

An Immediate Response Is Crucial

Remember that mold naturally exists everywhere. Your best hope of preventing mold growth on your property is to reduce excess moisture and immediately treat water damage. When you recognize signs of mold, immediately contact professionals for attic & crawlspace mold removal services.

Call United Water Restoration for the professional mold removal services you need to protect your property and the people inside.