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Fire Damage Restoration in Melbourne

Fire damage can cause devastating and long-term effects on any commercial or residential property. Even in lesser severe cases of fire, smoke damage can cause ongoing problems and unpleasant, lingering odors. If you are dealing with fire damage, it is important to find and work with a reputable restoration company to help return your property back to its original state.

At United Water Restoration Group of Melbourne, we are here to help you navigate the fire restoration process. It can be overwhelming if you have never dealt with this type of situation. That is why we would like to go over our fire restoration process and give you a better understanding of what to expect from our services.

The Dangers of Smoke & Fire

As a property owner, it is important to understand the consequences that fire and smoke can have on your property. Even after the flames have been calmed, the damage caused by the fire can still pose a threat. The structural integrity of your property may be damaged and compromised, leaving it vulnerable to outside hazards and at risk. That’s why it is essential to address fire and smoke damage as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your property and those who depend on it.

Here are some common dangers that can persist far after the fire has calmed:

  • Soot Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Structural Instability
  • Lingering Odors
  • Debris
  • Reduced Air Quality
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • The damage caused by a fire can cause continuous damage and be a threat even after the flames have been calmed. Soot and smoke damage are two common issues property owners may encounter in the aftermath of a fire. Smoke can affect air quality and spread potentially harmful chemicals, while soot damage can be stubborn and cause permanent staining that is challenging to remove from surfaces.

    What to Expect From Fire Damage Restoration in Melbourne iconWhat to Expect From Fire Damage Restoration in Melbourne

    If your property has been affected by a fire, fire restoration can assist you in returning your property back to its pre-fire condition. The restoration process may vary in a few regards depending on the extent of damage, but there are some general steps that are generally followed. For instance, if your property has been exposed to outside elements after experiencing fire damage, our restoration team can help protect your property from further damage, however, some may not need emergency repairs.

    Here is an overview of what you can expect when you turn to our fire damage restoration services in Melbourne:

    Contact Us icon

    Contact Us icon
    Step 1: Contact Us

    If you have experienced fire damage and need assistance, the first step is to get in touch with our team. You can contact our service line at (321) 348-4639 to speak to one of our trained professionals.

    Fire Damage Evaluation icon

    Fire Damage Evaluation icon
    Step 2: Fire Damage Evaluation

    Once we have arrived at your property, our team will begin evaluating the damage. This will help us understand the full extent of the damage dealt to your property and how to move forward.

    Fire Damage Repairs icon

    Fire Damage Repairs icon
    Step 3: Fire Damage Repairs

    Depending on the severity of the damage, we may need to perform emergency repairs such as tarping up exposed areas or boarding up damaged windows. These repairs are essential and will help prevent further damage from outside elements.

    Post-Fire Water Extraction icon

    Post-Fire Water Extraction icon
    Step 4: Post-Fire Water Extraction

    Water damage and fire damage often go hand and hand, firefighters may use hoses to put out the flames, but they don’t clean up the water left behind. During this step, we will address any water damage dealt to your property.

    Soot and Smoke Cleanup icon

    Soot and Smoke Cleanup icon
    Step 5: Soot and Smoke Cleanup

    Soot is a black, powdery substance that is left behind when an item does not fully burn. It can coat the floors and fixtures, causing damage, staining, and odors. During this step, we’ll remove all soot and clean up smoke damage around affected areas of your property.

    Sanitization and Cleaning icon

    Sanitization and Cleaning icon
    Step 6: Sanitization and Cleaning

    During this stage of fire restoration in Melbourne, we begin sanitizing and cleaning affected areas. This will help us remove lingering odors as well as prevent additional damage to your property.

    Property Restoration icon

    Property Restoration icon
    Step 7: Property Restoration

    The final step in our fire restoration process in Melbourne is focused on getting your property back to its pre-loss state. Once our technicians have finished repairing the damage, we can assist in rebuild efforts to get your property back to 100%. Depending on the extent of the damage, rebuilding may be necessary as a part of the restoration process.

    Call Now for Fire Restoration in Melbourne

    If you have recently experienced a fire and need fire restoration in Melbourne, United Water Restoration Group of Melbourne is ready to help. Our team of experts can guide you through every step of our restoration process and eliminate all signs of damage to your property.

    To get started, contact our service line at (321) 348-4639 to get in direct contact with one of our trained professionals.