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First The Fire; Now What?

A property fire can be one of the most chaotic moments of your life. The aftermath can leave everything from the obvious fire and smoke damage to water damage from fighting the fire. United Water Restoration Group may be your answer for fire damage restoration in Orlando, Florida.


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Our Fire Damage Restoration Process in Orlando, Florida


1. Contact Us

24 hours a day, seven days a week, our customer service line is available. United Water Restoration Group is available at (407) 278-7715 in the aftermath of a fire. Our hotline can place you in direct contact with a certified technician who can assist you in creating a convenient appointment to assess your property.

2. Assessing The Damage

After arriving, we’ll assess the extent of the damage. From excessive heat and burn damage to smoke damage, this inspection will give us the necessary time and information to determine the best course of action in proper fire damage restoration in Orlando, Florida.

3. Protecting Your Assets 

After the assessment, our team will isolate the affected areas. Broken windows, damaged walls, and ceilings can be boarded up and covered with tarps in preparation for the cleanup and to help avoid additional damage from the elements.

4. Remediating Water Damage

Water used to extinguish the fire often causes its own additional damages. We can deal with water damage as well as prevent mold issues as part of your overall fire damage restoration in Orlando, Florida.

5. Soot & Smoke Damage Removal

Smoke and soot can get deep into the structure, furniture, and other items on your property. Our process equips us with the means to remove smoke and soot damage.

6. Sanitization The Site

Personal items are tended to by our professionals to undo the damage from the incident. To remove the smell of smoke and to return the air to a healthy state, fogging methods are used to purify the air.

7. Final Touches & Restoration

The final step is to repair anything that was damaged during the fire. Windows and walls can be completely restored, and we’ll work to restore complete structural integrity. This step can deal in both minor and major repairs to your property. This will complete fire damage restoration in Orlando, Florida.

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A Weight Off Your Shoulders

By reaching out to us after a fire, we can do our part to help get extra stress off your shoulders. You can reach out to United Water Restoration Group at (407) 278-7715  for prompt and efficient fire damage restoration in Orlando, Florida.

Why Choose Us?

We are 24/7 Water and Mold Damage Emergency Response Team.

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